Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on July 20, 2020

With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.

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  • Jo-yen Wong 9 months ago

    They gave up labeling the Coronavirus episodes when they reached 10 lol

  • tz zrd 9 months ago

    Donald Trump’s bday shld be celebrated like international conspiracy theories day 😅

  • Vanillastump 9 months ago

    With the JFK vs. Reagan thing is that the man who shot Reagan (John Hinckley Jr.), did it at point blank range, was immediately caught, was eventually tried and found not-guilty due to insanity. Lee Harvey Oswald, on the other hand, wasn’t anywhere near the President, due to using a sniper-rifle, was killed during a prisoner transport, and himself saying he was a fall-guy and wasn’t the killer. The fact he was killed before trial makes the theory that much more interesting.

  • Reeferdog Bassin 9 months ago

    Whos propigating all these fake stories? Sounds like a conspiracy to me!

  • blvckraikage 9 months ago

    Bruh 💀 Why does John Cena keep stripping 😭😭😭🤣🤣

  • kiev middeton 9 months ago

    The Spanish flu actually happened in 1917! #trumpFACTS

  • Parul Joshi 9 months ago

    Conspiracy theory: Paul Rudd is immortal and that’s why he doesn’t age.

  • zachirie66 9 months ago

    Hahahahahahaha Way to go John Oliver your my hero think of all the lives you saved tonight with your adorable little anecdote show.

  • Goku 9 months ago

    Masks don’t help with anything except tampering your breathing pattern. I cannot believe how many people are bought into the virus. If anyone is enforcing masks and distancing or lockdown they are the virus.

  • 1SaG 9 months ago

    “OK, here’s what we’ve got: the Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, are forcing our parents to go to bed early in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner! We’re through the looking glass, here, people.”

  • Gavin O'Connor 9 months ago

    Conspiracy theories are easy for the human brain to give into, especially as it gives way to intense confirmation bias which is only amplified due to things like the youtube algorithm. That being said, conspiracies still exist! and prominently. many ‘conspiracy theories’ ( a term coined by the CIA ) turn out to be true. and as we all know, the media lies, and mainstream thought often turns out to be wrong in retrospect! Remain skeptical, and keep an open mind 🙂

  • ttssh gg 9 months ago

    these are the most sane comments I’ve read since… last episode. Literally yall it’s so depressing out here –

  • sistakia33 9 months ago

    How very funny that Elvis is still alive too…

  • ammobake 9 months ago

    Bill Gates isn’t trying to put computer chips in people’s brains. That’s Elon Musk’s thing. It’s called Neuralink.

  • Brian Burnett 9 months ago

    But I heard this was all a liberal hoax from my most trusted news source: Loud old man with a ponytail at the 7-Eleven that _nobody_ _fucking_ _asked_

  • Mangekyo Sharingan 9 months ago

    Eipstein didn’t kill himself.

  • howie024m 9 months ago

    Please do a piece on these secret police taking people away in unmarked cars.

  • Felix Mortem 9 months ago

    I just live in fear and anxiety every day because, in my line of work, with how little personal protective equipment I receive, it’s not a matter of if I catch COVID-19, but when

  • Javier Shergill 9 months ago

    I feel like the Wuhan lab story(which might be the truth) is the coronavirus conspiracy

  • White Tara 9 months ago

    ” Severely Midwestern Diane Keaton” LOL!!!

  • Opurnerly 9 months ago

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