Corn Pop Was A Bad Dude, But Joe Biden Wasn’t Scared

Published on September 17, 2019

The way former Vice President Joe Biden tells it, he was one tough lifeguard back in the day. #Monologue #Colbert #CornPop

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  • Christine love 2 years ago

    just like Hillary’s hot sauce in her purse.. they all have story ready to sell you

  • Peter Dragon 2 years ago

    Joe, Joe, Joe…

  • Missouri Mule 2 years ago

    And this is our front runner? God help us all. We’re all seriously fd!

    But he’s still a world better than Trump!

  • Roseybaby63 2 years ago

    I’m 56 and Biden sounds completely like a really old grandpa. Holy crap.

  • Dino Cism 2 years ago

    We are all doing such an over the top favour to Biden by collectively pretending any part of this happened as described, like the story of his “ravine soldier” who didn’t want his medal. Remember that American hero, whose name he couldn’t remember because he was an amalgam of like 3 different dudes in Joe’s head? Like yes, there was a black guy with a cheesy nickname once. Everything beyond that that comes out of Joe’s mouth is senile fan service to himself. Only someone like Trump makes up stories like that about themselves almost getting in a fight with (bad) black people but then having it turn into one of those cheesy Stand and Deliver movies where you teach them a lesson about how to get ahead in life and they teach you how to dance and not speak like a WASP. Most people find that dated, embarrassing and kind of problematic from fictional characters in 2019 and Biden is just like “I am that movie. I live it in my head everyday. This is what I was actually doing when I was sitting there pretending to pay attention to Obama saying words: I was a streetwise lifeguard righting the racial divide, but not taking any shit while doing it. And damn did I looking badass threatening some really bad (black) dude with a chain. Like that dude even told me “Joe you’re one slick cat. Can you teach me how play records Joe? You see, I just need to hear words. Teach me words Joe, like ‘segregation,’ or “bussing integration?

    One of life’s greatest sadnesses is that none of us will ever love ourselves as much as Joe Biden loves himself. Like he’s got weirdly racist movies he made up in his head about himself, and he wants all of us to know.

    The only way he could actually win a debate with Trump would be if Trump’s brain short circuited on having finally met a more self-absorbed, reflection fellating egotist.

  • Kate 2 years ago

    How can you be a bad ass with a name like Corn Pop

  • Laurie Janes 2 years ago

    The bingo joke cracked me up.

  • CJ 2 years ago

    Joe Biden? NO Biden! Elizabeth Warren for President.

  • Lizbeth Avery 2 years ago

    Its those children of the corn type pops man, once you pop you cain’t stop. Total fly by.

  • Crimsonfang 2 years ago

    He legit reminds me of Lloyd Bridges in hot shots.

  • Jeanette Thomas 2 years ago

    THAT REENACTMENT!!! “Nice guy! Wonder why they call him Corn Pop?”

  • teresa tall 2 years ago

    This is why the elderly should be micro-chipped. Stephen’s ballet battle dancing is capital!

  • keepdancingmaria 2 years ago

    The Primaries are for voting for who we really want. If you truly feel that Biden is the future, then so be it. But don’t primary him if you don’t want him. Primary the man or woman you really want to be president.

    Imagine. If no one voted for Biden in their primaries… how would the DNC dare make him the nominee?
    In this way, the election truly is in our hands. Make the Primaries count. Vote for YOUR REAL CHOICE.

  • David Carter 2 years ago

    Are old people Stories the confused ramblings of a degenerating mind? I hope this is uncommon and I hope my mind doesn’t go down the crapper

  • TubeDisabuser 2 years ago

    Biden should be derided as a reactionary fool, not because he’s old.

  • Gal Dagon 2 years ago

    How is this the Dem frontrunner, ffs.

  • Shocker CK 2 years ago

    Biden is a joke.

  • James Oakley 2 years ago

    Slick Joe was in the Wonderers.

  • David Faustino 2 years ago

    Stephen. Scale of 1-10 how painful was it for you to poke fun at the establishments chosen candidate?

  • John Dough 2 years ago

    Steven’s right ear is really bothering me…


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