Cori Bush – “It’s Not Just My Story” | The Daily Show

Published on October 4, 2022

Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush shares how she would change Congress by prioritizing lived experiences over seniority, how her own experiences with poverty and protests direct her decision making, and why she chose to share her abortion story in her memoir despite the potential for her words to be “weaponized.”
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  • Michael Robinson 8 months ago

    Quality!! Thank you!! Mic’22

  • J Marie B 8 months ago

    Brilliant woman!

  • Michael Robinson 8 months ago

    CW Bush, I was wondering how you were doing, I always knew you were in there, now I see you’re doing fine!! Thank you so much!! Mic’22

  • Doug Grinbergs 8 months ago

    Oh, the power of kindness, empathy. Congress must not let people die because we didn’t push hard enough.

  • nanatiti2006 8 months ago

    Finally a real congress woman who is human, fighting for simple common human principles that our constitution offers to every American citizen as a right.

  • Michael 8 months ago

    Cori Bush is amazing! That is what ‘Representatives’ are supposed to be… at their best. Great work!!

  • Kevin B Willson 8 months ago

    Thank you your my Hero we so need you.

  • K games 8 months ago

    I’m really going to miss Trevor he is an awesome interviewer one of the best I’ve ever watch

  • J. Skellington 8 months ago

    Trevor, if you leave where would this interview take place and with who?
    …with who Trevor?

  • Sheilah Sutton 8 months ago

    She is an example of why we need more young people (under 45) in Congress, the White house, and other elected positions. Term limits are a must. Public office was not meant to be a lifetime career! I’m so over people 65 and up in public office. Retire and mentor. Enough already!!!!

  • Abigail La Bar 8 months ago

    I would listen to her podcast daily

  • John Chessant 8 months ago

    If only more members of congress were like her. She is spot on when she says there’s a real lack of urgency in Washington even among Democrats, most of whom I’d assume do understand the problems our country is facing. There are only a few members whose passion is so apparent you can tell that every day a problem isn’t addressed is another day it gnaws at their soul.


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