Cops and Firefighters Refuse to Comply with Vaccine Mandates | The Daily Show

Published on October 20, 2021

Police and fire departments around the country have been doing everything they can to get out of having to get the covid-19 vaccine. Here’s the latest on vaccine mandates. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #VaccineMandates




  • Leggo My Ego 1 year ago

    This is a fantastic way of weeding out the stupidest police officers in every police department.

  • John j 1 year ago

    Not asking this is forcing take a jab or lose your job. Feels like China 🇨🇳 America

  • L W 1 year ago

    Hope those who are quitting enjoy their new jobs at McDonalds.

  • godsakezz 1 year ago

    Awesome mandate. Hopefully this move will remove most of the bad apples in the police force! Since as expected most anti-vaxxers are Trump supporters or white nationalist. Let them get other jobs that have less influence in the welfare of the common people. Perhaps less innocent civilians will get brutality from cops in future. Then, slowly start recruitment drive for vaccinated persons as they tend to be living in reality. Best on both sides.

  • oktaylor1 1 year ago

    These will be the die-hard Q-anon Trumpers. Exactly the people you want out of the police force in any case

  • S-Works, Inc. 1 year ago

    Job openings 😊

  • Puffing_Bear 1 year ago

    Kinda cringe that you advocate so hard for the mandate. A vaccine for a specific variant. Really thought more of you bruv.

  • Ops Black 1 year ago

    Says how much they care about public safety.

  • Adrian Colley 1 year ago

    If police were being suspended from duty because they watch Fox News, there would be an uproar. But they’re doing it to themselves, so let’s just see how it plays out…

  • Bryan Alcantar 1 year ago

  • Joe 1 year ago

    Let those cops catch covid. Then they will be the ones who can’t breathe.

  • Berry Sweet 1 year ago

    Just get the shot! Geez 🤦🏽‍♀️ come on people!

  • M Penny69 1 year ago

    Trevor got that money 💰 to push the jab🧐

  • Casey808 1 year ago

    Thin Blue Line of Idiocy.

  • David Kempton 1 year ago

    The scary part is, these are Trump believers. With guns or pickaxes. If/when the Cold Civil War goes hot, they WILL be on the side of the bigots.

  • Dark_Matter 1 year ago

    It’s their right. I don’t agree with the decision to not get vaccinated but I totally support anyone that chooses not to. Just be safe and don’t be an idiot.

  • Joselino 1 year ago

    Am I the only teenager who somehow likes Trevor’s show?

  • First Name Last Name 1 year ago

    Those police and fire department numbers are DISGUSTING. Shame on you, America.

  • T 1 year ago

    You against police that doesn’t mean you go against everything they do. They were working during pandemic without vaccines when your brothers looting shops and most of them have antibodies now you’re forcing them? It’s not only police, many doctors, nurses and more not willing to take.

  • Eowyn B Jamison 1 year ago

    meanwhile the nypd were the same ones beating black teens for mixing in summer 2020


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