Conservatives Attack Parkland Survivors Once Again: The Daily Show

Published on February 21, 2018

As student survivors of the Parkland school shooting speak out about gun control, conservatives question the legitimacy of the Florida teens.

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  • Chance Stevens 1 year ago

    7:12 Not eveR Awesome?

    ‘Mic drop’

  • Adrian Chico 1 year ago

    Who ever does not know what a but stock is “only on SOME guns u can put them on because if u put them on a gun that cant use it it will burn the barrel

  • RuthAnn Prescott 1 year ago

    Yeah and our generation is useless …???!!!😂

  • Prichelly 1 year ago

    (N)ot (R)eally (A)wesome

  • Karsyn Reddy 1 year ago

    Ok I might sound a little dumb, but was that video actually made by the NRA or by the show?!? I promise I am not an idiot!😳

  • Angelica McRussian 1 year ago

    At least we have a strong foundation for the future of america with all these school shootings. Mainly because 90% of the newer generation has been traumatized by school shootings so maybe not all of them will end up the NRAs lil hand puppets. You know; like the adults whom arent protecting them.

  • Peter Vesalius 1 year ago

    No, no, no, the NRA actually stands for “Nastily Reeking Assholes”. That’s just a fact. 🙊

  • Hurry Measho 1 year ago

    All American People are not dumb but almost all the dumbest People live in America.

  • lolster 292 1 year ago

    Only on Fox News would people try to discredit these students who have survived a fucking mass shooting by saying they’re paid actors.

  • Samuel Rix 1 year ago

    “Who wants skittles?”
    -George Soros

  • Melanie Prince 1 year ago

    Teens these days are more mature and wiser than most adults think.

  • htfttf 1 year ago

    The worst show on TV, WOW definitely a diversity hire.

  • Za'Nyia Kelly 1 year ago

    “Who made you wanna get krunk tonight?”

  • Min Yoongles 1 year ago

    I’m actually crying again
    A school shooting happened very near my school and it terrifies me

  • ZhiRong Guo 1 year ago

    NRA stands for Ned’s Roach Away

  • Aiden McGuire 1 year ago

    Excuse me mother fucker I’ll show you an attack when I gun all those fuckers down just like they’re friends Because guess what demotwats Republicans will soon Have enough of you then you’ll be dead End of story

  • Anime Shadow19 1 year ago

    >_>I bet if someone shot at the white house they would change their minds about NRA.

  • V_Soul VampireSoul 1 year ago

    I think these kids need to really hear the history teacher, also if someone go to your house armed with a gun purchased in the streets illegally and going to kill you, A) call police and wait to be killed B)try to fight with hands and still get killed C) armed , defend yourself and blow his brain . You see theres only 1 way to survive. You can say anything but that the truth, being disarmed not help good people at all. Also enjoy your freedom of speech and security granted by the civil war and veterans who defended the country, thank to all the foolish people for disrespecting them.

  • bigbaddawg101 1 year ago

    You know the worst part is how accurate the fake NRA ad was.

  • Billy Peterson 1 year ago

    I’m so disgusted that all Fox news did was ridicule the one kid who sparked a movement on this, which was David Hogg. They’re friggin’ adults for goodness sake, and they ridiculed this kid, and over what? Banning the same damn gun that has killed hundreds in less than two years alone? I’m disgusted with conservatives now. They would go to war over 2000 people killed from 9/11, but when hundreds die in their own country from their own people who owned these guns legally, they wanna fight to keep the right to own these guns. Disgraceful.


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