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Published on August 27, 2021

Liberals are becoming an increasingly ripe target for comedy – and the entertainment industry has taken note.

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  • Kbesw3 2 years ago

    Spot on

  • The Anarchist 2 years ago

    I just wish Bill knows a little bit more than he does, in which case, he will be a trump supporter

  • D Love 2 years ago

    Biden Pelosi the “squad”.
    There is endless material for any comedian.
    Whats wrong Bill, don’t like Greg Gutfelds new show?

  • Metalbass10000 2 years ago

    Miss trustors and Kerber environmentalism are great mad at Jews sounds like 20% to 50% of every show on Fox oan Newsmax…
    Bill, I know you want to talk about comedy on the right wing, but there is no need to be lying like those on the right wing. Seattle boats to decriminalize crime? Really? There was a proposal, which has since died, to expand the ability of poor people and the mentally ill to defend themselves in court when charged with a misdemeanor. Essentially it allows the mental illness of the mentally ill to be taken into account when defending against a misdemeanor charge, and it allows for the poverty of a person to be taken into account when a poor person is charged with a misdemeanor. That doesn’t sound all that unreasonable. It didn’t say it would make them innocent, it just allows it to be a part of the defense. Since we have had a rapist found not guilty and a person who killed while driving drunk both acquitted and never spending a night in jail and their defense was affluenza, their defenses were literally that they were Rich all their lives and just don’t understand that there are consequences to their actions. That’s f****** disgusting and that has happened multiple times in this country, bill.

    As for the Land of Lincoln taking down the statue of Lincoln, again that’s total b*******. They took down a statue of Christopher Columbus, there were some other statues taken down, but there was never a statue of Lincoln taken down in Illinois. There have been people arguing that some of Abe Lincoln statements were racist and that the statues should come down, but there has not been any thing close to a definitive plan to take a statue of Lincoln. One thing that did piss me off, was in the city of Madison the once again wannabe culture needed to feel like they were doing something to change the world, and they were probably s***-faced, so they pulled down a statue at the state capitol of a man who was a slavery abolitionist, a very vociferous abolitionist, an activist who spoke publicly and fought for the abolishment of slavery, and he also gave his life fighting for this cause in the Union Army during the Civil War. Someone told me this statue was a hundred years old and he’s f****** idiots through it into one of the Lakes

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 2 years ago

    “If what you’re doing sounds like an Onion headline, stop.”

    Should be every party’s standard policy.

  • Matt R 2 years ago

    It’s still not a both sides thing.

  • Travis Ethridge 2 years ago

    AwakenWithJP is actually funnier than Bill x10.
    Bill gives me a snicker here n there, has some decent points, and is annoying as late night TV shows.

  • SciFi2285 2 years ago

    San Francisco School Board: “We don’t have any schools named after Confederate generals so lets go ahead and rename ALL the schools. Take that George Washington, Diane Feinstein, and Barack Obama. You horrible racists. In the meantime we forgot to create a COVID mitigation plan so your children won’t be able to go to their newly rebranded schools…”

  • Dj DOM 2 years ago

    Nancy Pelosi isn’t crazy ? C’mon man

  • Vish 2 years ago

    Conservative comedy doesn’t work because an ardent commitment to preserving the status quo makes for a bad base for comedy

  • Roberto Palomino 2 years ago

    Conservative comedians exist but a lot tend to stray into a$$**le comedy routines. They go from Dennis Miller/Blue Collar Comedians to MTG/Matt Gatz of the Conservative comedy world. Good comedy writes itself and only requires your delivery technique not your ideals.

  • DJ Sweatpants 2 years ago

    Bill will never unite with the republicans even though he knows he ought too deep down. Your party is done. No one likes them anymore

  • Christopher Chapman 2 years ago

    Wow…really makes you think as a liberal. We all want, essentially, the same thing, but some of the overreach by my brothers and sisters on the left has definitely led to ridicule and mocking. And rightfully so.

  • flexibleskedule 2 years ago

    The reason “the Left” is funny and easy to joke about is that “the Right” consists of reactionary, genuinely backward ideologies.

    Laughing at the Left is punching up. Laughing at the Right is punching down.

  • jane smith 2 years ago

    Seattlites need to step up and get rid of their looney city council, they are absolutely retarded.

  • Ellery Aytch 2 years ago

    Difference being its left wing citizens saying the dumb things, as opposed to the right wing leaders saying the dumb things.

  • A New Civ 2 years ago

    That’s because your country’s “left wing” talking points, are coming from corporate media. Who are selling a product, not trying to improve society or challenge corporate power.

    Thus it’s easy to mock them and poke holes in such arguments, because they are not ment to be factual and correct.

  • flexibleskedule 2 years ago

    Making fun of the Left is punching up. Laughing at the Right is punching down. It’s not as fun to laugh at truly stunted, historically handicapped people.

    Also conservatives just aren’t funny.

  • Alain Archambault 2 years ago

    Hmm, guess my nation ain’t too crazy, ’cause I don’t even know what “an onion headline” is.


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