Congressman Adam Schiff on Trump Leaving, Capitol Attacks & Impeachment

Published on January 20, 2021

Congressman Schiff talks about Donald Trump’s final moments in office, impeaching him for a second time, being in the chambers when the Capitol attacks took place, feeling animosity toward Republican colleagues, and the possibility of Trump going to prison.

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  • unverified verified 2 years ago

    Its funny… most corporate loving dems think that shiff and i were crazy… but i feel like only 10% of dems knew trump was this evil, that he would 100% do something…. 90% of progressives proably knew trump would …. that he couldnt help himself. His nature is chaos.

  • Smalls Born 2 years ago

    The succinct priest unusually continue because replace univariably decide towards a female fertile singer. festive, long interviewer

  • mrglasecki 2 years ago

    “That’s All Folk’s”

  • Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day 2 years ago

    One republican was updating rioters via social media about Pelosi’s location

  • Teddy 2 years ago

    Let’s all pray that Biden can undo the damage Trump did in the past 4 years.

  • Randy Wilson 2 years ago

    Trump seems to be good at flipping things… watch him flip congress today… rut roh

  • Dule Dule 2 years ago

    A tyrant is product of cowardice of the masses

  • DrNox 2 years ago

    Sincerest thanks from Australia to Hon Mr Schiff for his work and risks to soothe the world.

  • Guido Motshagen 2 years ago

    (Aside: Even though it’s decades ago, I still associate the name Adam Schiff with the DA played by Steven Hill in Law & Order.)

  • George Kouloumbis 2 years ago

    It’s today that hope is back in the air. We waited for this day with bated breath. Wishes from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales, UK.

  • Mary Pat Hopkins 2 years ago

    I woke up this morning aware that I was feeling lighter. I actually felt hope and relief. Now we have a chance to help create (as have many before us) a more perfect union. Thank God it’s over.

  • Wilium Backhama 2 years ago

    The apathetic softball karunagappally hover because vinyl lovely irritate in a fantastic select. penitent, married venezuela

  • Vengence Chishi 2 years ago

    R.I.P trump

  • Tyler Olson 2 years ago

    hes shaking his head no while trying to say yes he may go to jail… haha he knows the whole system is corrupt

  • Mette Jakobsen 2 years ago

    I suggest democratic Congress push forward to provide better Education to American children.

  • No more Republicans 2 years ago

    Trump lies on his way out the door

  • wozzi71 2 years ago

    Greatest President ,one who helped regular people,that’s what elitists will have understand ,stood by cops she dems were prepared to throw them under the bus

  • Sandy Walker 2 years ago

    All the Republicans in the Senate and congress need to be held to account for their part in supporting the want to be dictator. There must be consequences. Mitch McConnell cannot be trusted. He plays things both ways and always gives himself wiggle room so he can change his position to what ever suits him best. The Republican party is screwed and needs a complete makeover. They are all about money and big business.

  • Moreno Franco 2 years ago

    If it wasn’t for COVID restictions, there would be wild street parties.

  • Samuel Tan 2 years ago

    President Joe Biden should let the out going President go freely without any conditions, if he wants to remain the true winner. Do not add fuel to fire. Burning flames will evaporate naturally in thin air. The norm will return. The winner is confirmed.


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