Congressional Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Healthcare, Education & Voting

Published on October 18, 2018

Alexandria talks about her Congressional run in New York’s 14th district, fighting for healthcare, housing & education, meeting with people around the country, her childhood, and the importance of voting on November 6th. If you aren’t registered to vote go to and get out to the polls! #KimmelinBrooklyn

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  • Jamail44 3 years ago

    Here before the low-info idiots.

  • Aram Sargyan 3 years ago

    so confident and dumb

  • Dave 3 years ago

    I find her incredibly sexy

  • Christian Schoff 3 years ago

    I wish she was in charge of California.

  • Subscribe Me For No Reason 3 years ago

    Here before the low-info jerks

  • Mysterion South Park 3 years ago

    Go vote everyone!

  • MrHartify 3 years ago

    She grew up in westchester county. From the bronx? Yeah right.

  • Debbie Strauser 3 years ago

    I watched another interview (can’t remember who it was with) and she seems to be coming into her own here.

  • issa osama 3 years ago

    Bae!!! ❤️

  • Wuppser 3 years ago

    After all that old republican Douchebags, it`s really refreshing to see that there is still hope for the US. World did you see this? There are intelligent People in the US.

  • KING T'CHENKA 3 years ago

    The biggest scam ever gotten away with happens again and again. The rich and the corporations encourage division in the working class, leading to cultural civil wars, while the rich sneak out the back door with all the money. Vote progressive, vote Justice Democrats, vote Bernie Sanders 2020.

  • sethorlando 3 years ago

    ???? I love her she is amazing! Politicians for people by people!

  • A Pale Blue Dot 3 years ago

    She’s too good for America. If only every politician cared about what’s best for the people over what’s best for their wallet.

  • Nike 3 years ago

    She acts like a good person, but all she’s going to do is raise taxes like every other Liberal politician in NY and give us nothing in return

  • Andrew Syracuse 3 years ago

    Good God people. She has yet to accept a debate from a REAL economist who actually knows what HE is talking about.

    Anyone who votes for her is a moron. Just wait till our already high taxes go higher because of her.

    She has no idea on what she is talking about. She claims she is from the Bronx AND SHE IS NOT!!!! SHE IS FROM WESTCHESTER, NY!!!!! She grew up privileged.

    She said she is going to sign laws. Guess what people, she CANT SIGN LAWS.

  • Jordan 3 years ago

    It’s funny/ terrifying that people are electing a woman that was bar tending not too long ago and thinks unemployment is low because people are working more than one job.

  • Rob B 3 years ago

    She has it.

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Reps. have been having nightmares about candidates like this for the past few decades.. and I can’t wait to see a boogieman elected.

  • Lloyd B 3 years ago

    Future president


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