Congress Grills Robert Mueller over Trump Report

Published on July 24, 2019

Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday, July 24, plus Jimmy gets interrogated by Steve Higgins in a Tonight Show hearing.

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  • Greg Rolim 1 year ago

    Bozo?? #NotMyPresident

  • Drazzle 1 year ago


  • Trace Conrad 1 year ago

    I bee came an Independant, because R2,D2, Republicans and Democrats told me the fours(Rushmore) was strong in me. I know the D Ark Side of the four’s, that is why we are having this conversation. But I assure you White Buffalo Calf Wo Mon and the White Devil are not evil, they are Eve El’. T~Han~D~Her~Birds. Star Bucks, an all seeing eye, Cough He, an Cough Ians, thanks to the Gate’s, St.Eve n Jobs, and the WWWorldwideweb. Yea every great fish her Mon has a net and 5 G creates, Ten Horns. E.T. phoned Ida Ho Me. I am Noah Phone He. I am see raise he? Who, a Weir Ness, Dead and Company. Yea the Music Mon. Remember Weir we are, the Garden we Exodused from long ago, on a trip to see Moore on I, on the shores of Triple He. Father Son and Holy Ghost. The trip took all of time to make it home on the Mayflower, a Puritan. Black and White, Captain Jack and the Black Pearl, Jack her heir, the Emperor Weir’s no clothes. Star’s and Striped. That’s why Weed is illegal and cotton and tobacco are not. They didn’t want me Jive Talking, they wanted to keep me and my sister slaves for all time. Who? The Jinn and the Jew. The Dome of the Rock and the Temple. The Shulamite and Solomon. The SS Men O Seth sail on a three ours cruise. Who? C.A.S.inO. This is from the time of the flood, when the Arc, (the Shulamite) was being moved through the Red See a way from he gypt. Killed by his own children. Than they wandered the desert with MO Say’s. Lou Reed, and than he was a she, I said hey man take a walk around the world to ease my troubled mine, I,T happened somewhere in the center of, I watched the world float through the D Ark Side of the moon, yea the D Ark Side is Eve, I am her brother El’. Me T El I Ka. Am I Eve El’, yes I am, but I am not evil. I love all my kids. My kids are all Aboard I,T. Their Dead and Company, and I am J Heir He, G are see Ah. U.S.Blues Grateful Dead ? and company.

  • Cii Cii 1 year ago

    No one ever looks at the corrections!
    Mueller corrects his answer to mr. lou….

  • vik saggu 1 year ago


  • Exotic Papaya 1 year ago

    God I love trump so much wish he never leaves ?

  • Joseph Cisneros 1 year ago

    Did anyone else read girls instead of grills?

  • Mickey is my Spirit Animal 1 year ago

    I remember the Colbert ? joke regarding Trump reading the Snapple Bottle Caps as his news source! ??‍♀️?

  • OnasWorld YouMad 1 year ago

    What’s so funny is that #45 supporters still didn’t understand wtf Mueller was saying! ????

  • Paul Rutter 1 year ago

    I’m so done with Fallon.

  • Le Magicien 1 year ago

    Why does late night/comedy shows always have to try and push a political agenda?

  • William Macdonald 1 year ago

    “Is your name Robert Muller?”
    “Can you repeat the question?”
    “Is your name Robert Muller?”
    “I am not going to get into that.”
    “You are not going to tell me your name?”
    “Can you repeat the question from the beginning please?”
    “Is your name Robert Muller?”
    “I would refer you to my mother to answer that question”
    “But I am asking you…”
    “What source are you siting here as the basis for that question?”
    “What source…You’re name is at the top of the report!”
    “If my name is contained in the report then I support it.”
    “Ok, so you confirm your name is Robert Muller then?”
    “Can you repeat the question, I was not paying attention.”
    “Is your name Robert Muller?”
    “True. If I may elaborate?…
    “Quickly as I am short of time.”
    “If it is in the report then I support it, if it is not in the report then I do not support it.”
    “If what is…
    “Can you repeat the question?”
    “If WHAT…
    “The Russians did it.”
    “Can you start the question from the beginning?
    “What. The. Fuck. Did. The. Russians. Do.?”
    “I can not speak to that.”
    “But you just said it.”
    “I have no recollection of that.”
    “You have no recollection of what you just said.?
    “Can you repeat the question?”

  • Ice21 1 year ago

    Should’ve said “It’s out of my Purrr-view”

  • Ay B 1 year ago

    Best joke of the whole monologue was the Colbert joke that Higgins read

  • White Centaur 1 year ago

    Good, now impeach the moron! Then imprison the treasonous America president ???!! Be done with this farce of an administration and toss the dictator wanna-be in prison where he deserves to be!

  • Rose Bentley 1 year ago

    Jimmy me gusta reir. Cuando quiero reir miro por ti. Gracias me relajas. Me haces reir, me diviertes con tus excentricidades.

  • Christian Schoff 1 year ago

    I knew it wasn’t Fallon but I wasn’t sure who I heard that joke from, Colbert or Oliver.

  • Mysterious Cat 1 year ago

    ❤ ?

  • Cindy Garcia 1 year ago

    Jimmy is better than Colbert!

  • Sara Wilcker 1 year ago

    So basically what I’m understanding is that they are grilling him because they don’t agree with his report, even though he’s a leftist like them.


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