Confusion Ensues During Rosenstein’s White House Visit

Published on September 25, 2018

Cable news networks were poised to report on the political fallout from Rod Rosenstein’s visit to the White House on Monday. Problem was, it never came.

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  • Brother Indy 2 years ago


  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    The guy Trump is pushing to replace Rosenstein with is a guy who worked at a law firm while that law firm was representing Trump’s campaign, the guy is basically Trump’s former lawyer, I guess that’s the next best thing other than just appointing Don Jr or Jared to replace Rosenstein. The level of conflict of interest in Trump regime makes every third world banana republic look decent and uncorrupted by comparison.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Not surprised that Donnie wouldn’t pick up on sarcasm.. he smiles when Melania says she loves him, after all.

  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    I am confused about these talking heads’ confusion, what’s there to feel confused about? A lifelong criminal conned his way to the highest office in the land, and now he’s doing everything he can to destroy the rule of law so he can get away with being a lifelong criminal, and that’s it. It’s as clear as day and it shouldn’t confuse anyone with half a brain. Funny how his cultists think he’s the greatest law and order president ever.

  • Paul Ramos 2 years ago

    Colbert’s good friend says it best:

    “Your confused confusion is confusing to me, a confused confuser too confusing to see.”

  • Oliver Alfonso-Wideman 2 years ago

    Sarcasm is how we deal with communicating about things that make us uncomfortable because we’re scared.

  • Saracenmyst 2 years ago

    The “confused news network” seems very confused.

  • Divot King 2 years ago

    Stormy should should go on a tour of the White House…she’s already seen what comes out of an Orange House.?

  • TheReal008Zulu 2 years ago

    Trump: (chokes on cheeseburger) Did Colbert just insult CNN? You There! I want Colbert appoint my chief communications spokesperson!
    You There: Yes sir, but my name is…
    Trump: I said I didn’t want your life’s story!

  • Slaughter House 5 2 years ago

    Alright, alright, just stop… this is getting confusing.

  • LispyLeaf 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for cool videos

  • Ry Sun 2 years ago

    Rosensteiin don’t need to wear a wire to record Trump incriminating himself, just look at his tweets and interviews he does a good enough job himself.

  • Eric Guan 2 years ago

    To be fair, Rosenstein was quoted as saying, “Well, what do you want me to do, Andy, wear a wire?”. That’s clearly a sarcastic statement. Nobody actually reads the article..?

  • Darren Krivit 2 years ago

    Didn’t hear a thing, fixated on that beard?

  • Mr. H 2 years ago

    Am I dreaming or did I just see Colbert making a joke on CNN

  • A Perfect Day 2 years ago

    This is confusing.
    Is this the new season of the Twilight Zone?
    Oh wait, i get it.
    Split confuse into con and fuse
    Meaning of the words:
    Con = Swindle or trick someone
    Fuse = Join or combined
    So confuse = Russian Collusion ?

  • Trinketo Noquiero 2 years ago

    I hope Stephen gets to interview Norm MacDonald!

  • DJ Dolly 2 years ago

    Yeah the Mueller investigation is over.
    If Rosenstein quits it is not that bad.
    If he gets fired and replaced with a trumpstooge it is more obstruction of justice but nothing matters anymore

  • Bloodknot Harper 2 years ago

    Should of said it was locker room talk ????

  • Jahna Roth 2 years ago

    Just rent Hoosiers then ya won’t be confused! Hoosiers know everything, we got Dick Luger, Bobby Knight, John Mellencamp, Notre Dame – we got it all. Come home smell America and be confused no more!


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