Confederate Memorial Day Makes Waves in the South: The Daily Show

Published on April 26, 2017

While Alabama and Mississippi celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, some Southern cities like New Orleans are beginning to dismantle their Civil War monuments.

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  • Luc Groshens 2 years ago

    Is he wearing make-up to look darker?

  • dorocook 2 years ago

    some people support the monuments but others have common sense

  • TurboTurkey 2 years ago

    The problem with taking down the statues is that you’re erasing history. Bad history yes, but history nonetheless. If you remove the statues because they represent a past that we now consider evil, good, please take them down but NEVER forget about the atrocities committed by one or both sides (if applicable). NEVER forget the wrongs done to you or your victims. NEVER forget the steps you took to ensure such dark history is never again repeated in the modern era.

    Respect the soldiers from both sides that fought for what they believed in. They were Americans; they were once our brothers. Don’t hate them, mourn their decisions and their fate. They made their choice and today, we judge it as wrong.

  • Fortnite Thug 2 years ago

    It just shows how great Alabama is

  • General Steven D. Lee 5683 2 years ago

    Why did Lincoln marry the Daughter of a slave owner? Why did Northern states own and rent slaves? Get over it!

  • Wm. Conqueror 2 years ago

    This guy is the definition of racism.

  • Southern Gentleman 2 years ago

    Ever heard of the draft riots? When northerners killed 100s of Blacks in New York?

  • Dragonball 777 2 years ago

    We have but one flag, one country; let us stand together. We may differ in color, but not in sentiment. Many things have been said about me which are wrong, and which white and black persons here, who stood by me through the war, can contradict.
    Read more at:

  • Aniket Dixit 2 years ago

    There should be no Confederate statues taken down on battlefields, and no monuments honoring the soldiers themselves who died in battle should be pulled down either. Both sides sacrificed, even though one side was (partly) racist. Battlefields are made to honor the soldiers, not the cause, those monuments have to stay up. But any Confederate monuments of generals or soldiers that aren’t honoring the dead should be removed

  • Nicklas Brady 2 years ago

    As a black man i dont like slavery or racism but the gentleman speaking of for his right celebrate his ancestors is his right and i respect it…..LOVE RULES?

  • Amali Homer 2 years ago

    You’re a hypocrite Trevor. Shame On You

  • Chris Kidd 2 years ago

    HERE GOES NOTHING: I may not know my history here… But first of all, did Africans NOT sale their OWN people into slavery? What I am saying here is that the African role in the slave trade should not be ignored any longer, nor should any burden be placed on those who were VICTIMS of the slave trade! Do a Google search for, “Did Africans sell their own people into slavery?”, and you will find the top two articles are quite a heated debate in which some prominent African-Americans blame slavery completely on the Africans who instigated the slave trade. However, like I said, those who were victims of the slave trade are NOT to be blamed at all. It is a situation and a time for everyone to take responsibility and stop complaining about something that they themselves played no part in.

    It is kind of like the terrible practice of a family selling their young pre-teen daughters to some old pervert just to get enough money to live off of. Sometimes the girl is raped to the point of death. And you have to be mad at the one who raped the girl, but you should also blame the family that sold her!

    One thing people do not understand is that whites in the South had huge plantations and crops. The slaves helped to grow and bring in those crops. Some people treated slaves like shit and those people deserve to die and I hope they died in the same way in which they mistreated the people that were there property at the time… And that is a sad thing to say, that someone was “property” because human beings should never be PROPERTY!!!

    But many African Americans who were slaves were given good living quarters and some of them were given rooms inside of the plantation homes that the white people owned. Those who owned the plantations were worried that if they did not have their slaves, then they would lose their entire crops and land. It was a no-win situation for many people in the south who were generally good people. And you have to remember that George Washington owned about 300 slaves himself. Does that make it right? No! It was just a sign of the times back then and it is a part of history to be looked upon and learned from and to never be repeated again, but it is also something that should not continue to be bitched about to the point of bringing people to anger over something that happened many many years ago.

    HOWEVER, I think that history deserves its place: and I think that place is in a museum. Most of the people that I have seen who fly the confederate flag today, do it out of pure racism, and hatred that has been taught to them mostly by those who are severely uninformed. Most of them do not even know why they are carrying the flag and they have no idea what the war was really about and they have no idea of the loss of life and the tragedy that was the Civil War. It’s time to let the past go.

    I understand why the South succeeded from the union, and understand their concern about their property (talking about their land), but it is sad that they had to fight to keep slaves (which should have been hired workers to begin with, and not property, so please no one misunderstand what I’m saying here) in order to have someone to work their hundreds of acres of land.

    But don’t forget, like two people have said earlier, that many many African-Americans fought for the Confederacy, and they did not want to leave their masters, because in their eyes their masters were not masters, because their masters treated them like family and gave them a home and food and shelter and work. And those African-Americans were afraid that when the war was over they would have nowhere to go, and that is a matter of fact that they absolutely did have nowhere to go and many chose to stay with their masters even AFTER the war was over, and they continued to work and stay in their quarters and be fed and taken care of.

    But the bottom line is, no human being is property. It is just one of those things that cannot be made right in our history; only learned from. There were masters who RAPED their slaves and RAPED young daughters while their mothers had to watch, and there were those who killed their slaves because they were their property and they could do whatever they wanted to. May those ROT in hell.

    I for one am glad that South Carolina took the confederate flag off of the front lawn of the Capital and I hope it is in a museum to remind everyone of a terrible time in history to hopefully never be repeated anywhere in the world.

    BUT, I watch the Daily Show, and I just saw that in Libya they were auctioning off several black people on live TV. It made me sick to my stomach. I am a quiet person who has a good heart. I feel more comfortable around black people and lesbians to be honest with you. I have a better rep-ore with blacks and lesbians, and I am a straight 43-year-old male. But the group that I just mentioned are not self assuming and judgemental and therefore I just naturally gravitate to them. My record speaks for itself.

    If I have insulted anyone I am very sorry. If my facts are wrong please feel free to correct them. But if anyone has ever heard of the ego, you can rest assured that every good psychiatrist knows that the ego DOES NOT want an end to its problems. In other words, if some African-Americans could not cry racism, and could not harbor the hatred within them of something that they themselves never experienced, then who would they be? What would their identity be if they could not cry racism? In other words, I challenge all African-Americans to ask yourself this: do you really want racism to end? Because if it did, what would be your main topic of conversation and what would you have to be angry at anymore? And this is what may piss people off the most: I hear so many African-Americans cry equality, yet they want and desire every single thing that they can get from being UNEQUAL or a MINORITY. You cannot have it both ways. One day white people will be a minority in this country, and I ask this question: will white people be given the same privileges as minorities are given in this country in several areas?

    I am disabled for posttraumatic stress syndrome and clinical depression and my home was stolen in the mortgage crisis by the Bank of America and Fannie Mae. I lost my job on the Railroad because I am colorblind and they knew I was colorblind for 10 years and after promising me a job that did not require seeing signals, they then put me on a medically disqualified list and then asked me to resign because I was a liability. I am still dealing with the effects of two of my three children who are just as fucked up as I am over it. But the cold hard fact is, how long do I MYSELF want to keep harboring this shit in my mind? I’ve held onto it for 10 years with a BITTER rage inside of me. So I know how some people feel. And I have had to ask myself who would I be if I let the past go?

    I would really have no identity and would be lost, but that is something that I am going to have to do. So as a white male I have suffered just as much as many people of color. I have not suffered what mistreated slaves did, but neither have 95% of blacks who complain about racism and their past history of slavery, because they have never been slaves in their entire life. You do realize it is possible for white people to be mistreated and over powered also by this government that is controlling us all right?

    Most of us in America do not understand the suffering that goes on in the world every day that we cannot even conceive of, because we really do not even know how good we have it: even with a dick head, racist, egotistical ignorant president such a Trump!!! But African-Americans of the day have never been slaves. And I have put up with more shit from my government and my bitch ass ex-wife, and a lot of shit that life has handed me that I can honestly say no black man has anything on me. And if I can let the shit go, I think it’s time that some other people let the shit go.

    African Americans can cry racism until the day they die. You cannot stop other people from feeling what they feel and from holding ignorant beliefs that they hold. You can only strive to be a better person. And in closing I will only say that it is time to follow my own advice.

  • Konrad Z 2 years ago

    If German people would dress as nazis in memory of their grandfathers would it be scandalous? ????
    Can someone remember those Confederate memorial guys that their ancestors were fighting to keep their SLAVES and to have the right to be openly racists, period!

  • WildwoodClaire1 2 years ago

    Years ago, I moved to Atlanta and worked there for a couple of years. I was bemused to find that “Confederate Memorial Day” was a state holiday. Mind you, I didn’t complain about getting a day off but found the reason a little weird. Apparently, it is no longer a state holiday in Georgia, BTW. Not sure when that holiday was removed from their calendar but I assume it was at the same time they changed the state flag (the current flag strongly resembles the first Confederate national flag, BTW, so I’m not sure it was a huge improvement).

  • Moha Amip 2 years ago

    You can not remove history by ruining statues.

  • opal tree 2 years ago

    Some people are just so delusional!

  • SIGIL BREAKER 2 years ago

    did anyone else notice that guys name was bill rambo

  • The Sounds of the Suburbs 2 years ago

    The monuments should stay. We must keep our history to build a better future.

  • MyKill71 2 years ago

    The Brass Tacks, & Simple Fix: They already a HAVE, a holiday. Its called, Memorial Day. Its what we DO, on that day for ALL of our lost ones…, besides bar-b-q, watch football, or go to the beach. ?

  • Debra Robinson 2 years ago

    new age slaves


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