Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on October 9, 2017

Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.

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  • Thomas H 12 months ago

    But… the civil war wasn’t really about slavery. That’s a misconception. Wow, do some research John. That’s embarrassing.

  • USA-ISRAEL!!! NCR-ENCLAVE!!! 12 months ago

    Confederate generals were also American citizens, military officers, and many were some of the greatest tacticians and strategists in modern and American history, both BEFORE, during, and AFTER the war. It’s not hard to understand why military bases are named after these individuals, whether or not you disagree with their actions, they were still brilliant American military/historical persons. I don’t agree with slavery, nor racism, and I also believe that the only flags that should be flown outside government buildings are the national, state, city, armed forces flags, and, if warranted, the national flag of a foreign nation. However, statues are there to represent the individuals and events that are recognized and revered (or vilified), for whatever reason, by that populous and the future generations. When I see a statue of General Robert E. Lee I don’t think of racism or insurrection (even if many do), I see a man who outsmarted and out strategies general after general for years and who is renowned by some historians as one of the greatest military commanders in modern history.

  • Markius Fox 12 months ago

    Confession: I actually went to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede when it had just opened, it was cringey. However, at the very end, if I recall correctly, Dolly has a recorded message that says firmly that the South lost and that the nation is better because of that.

  • AlbroLee 12 months ago

    That Robert E. Lee quote goddamn

  • Abin Thomas Alex 12 months ago

    Can someone explain the Pepsi Ad joke?

  • Polymeron 12 months ago

    I’m not even American and even I know the Confederacy fought for the right to secede from the union. The people fighting for those states were not “literal traitors” as John puts it.
    It’s true that the secession itself was in order to preserve slavery, but one did not need to be pro-slavery to fight for the states’ tight to secede from the union.

    Trying to reduce it to “they were just slaving traitors” is much more of a paving over your own history than anything that was shown, and it belittles the dedication of countless patriots who died in that war.

  • Jussi Mattsen 12 months ago

    We shouldn’t celebrate slave owners. Nor should we blame the entire white race for what some of their ancestors did.

  • Nina Gravatt 12 months ago

    You can say that we don’t erase history, but on Columbus day can we really be serious? He wasn’t honored for his discovery of a land already occupied he was honored to appease a group of immigrants. He took a constitutional dump through the Caribbeans and eastern North America. But some how that missed most textbooks.

  • Dahlia Legacy 12 months ago

    I found I’m British as well, (23 and me I’m adopted) and I love Indian food… Like they make your mouth orgasm. @.@ Also… Indian women are hot, if anyone wants to go white girl, think of me maybe? (yeah that’s inappropriate XD) But like, really? I’d love you a ton. 😍 … Just saying.

  • Iffondrel 12 months ago

    That ending is pure and good.
    ALSO I’m sooo glad I got to learn more on this subject. They always do a great job of presenting facts and analogies that really clarify the context and importance of the subject. Find your just how recent some of these statues are put this in a new perspective.

  • Docbrew 12 months ago

    Good stuff. We have a lot of blissfully uninformed people in the US.

  • Oliver 12 months ago

    Robert Small’s boat escape was far more amazing than this show let on, but nobody talks about him because schools are obsessed with making history and learning as awful as possible

  • schiz0phren1c 12 months ago

    At 17:19… I’ll see your Adolf Hankler and raise you an Abradolf Lincler!

  • mondovb 12 months ago

    “You can’t erase history…” and “…it’s part of our history…”
    Which is all true people, but these statues, monuments, and flag(s) represent the dark side of an ugly part of our history, and therefore should not be honored. Taught in schools yes, but NOT honored.
    Germans learn all about Hitler and their ugly Nazi past in their schools, but they don’t have a statue of Adolf in Berlin. Ditto for Botha in South Africa. This list could go on for a while…

  • Le reddit silver member 12 months ago

    I wonder what America would be like if the races were reversed. There would be horrible segregation and probably still slaves. Africa still has slaves. Could you really see black people giving a fuck about a white person sitting at the back of a bus? Or white people having to use a separate what fountain? No, a lot of black people want segregation only with themselves on top this time. Look at the black only schools, clubs ect…. And not one black person has stood up and said it’s segregation. They are bringing it back, the problem is white people don’t give a damn. But if we made a white only school could you imagine the uproar? The hypocrisy is unreal. Not racist, but I’m not going to ignore what’s going on. Don’t let one side get away with shit just because you don’t wanna be labeled as racist.

  • Ian 12 months ago

    We need to tear down the Aztec Temples all across Mexico because the Aztecs were notorious slave owners. Seriously, don’t be ignorant. Go google ‘Aztec Slavery’. Why are we allowing Aztec Temple to remain standing? Fucking bulldoze them already. #Aztec #Slavery

  • yemo34 12 months ago

    I honestly don’t know why we don’t have more statues of astronauts.

  • JOSE L. Zambrano 12 months ago

    Freedom information act read the USA ruling of 1861. Treason to USA and war crimes.

  • Anagha M. 12 months ago

    My respect for Anderson Cooper just increased!

  • Jason Q 12 months ago

    The north did not fight to free slaves. The south didn’t fight solely to keep them. However, slaves were central to their economy. So, after a year into the fighting, Lincoln released the Emancipation Proclamation as a strategy to weaken the South. If you think this war was fought solely to free slaves, then ask yourself: The south had a strong motivation to keep them, but what motivation did the north have for freeing them?


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