Conan’s Statement On The Killing Of George Floyd – CONAN on TBS

Published on June 1, 2020

Conan responds to the needless death of George Floyd and our national crisis.

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  • Oakus 11 months ago

    It’s crazy how much social media can sway people. Nobody talked this much when anyone else was killed by police

  • Julia V 11 months ago

    Conan, thank you so much for this. Thank you for addressing the rampant racism in our country, instead of just talking about the riots like so many other people. Even if we start talking about race, however, we can’t forget that a good man died, regardless of the color of his skin. RIP George Floyd <3

  • iakona23 11 months ago

    Van Jones is a self-described revolutionary Marxist. It is Van’s ideological allies in Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are leading the destruction and looting of cities across America. Conan, I really thought that you were smarter than this.

  • Rob Van Gessel 11 months ago

    Conan,. that’s a Presidential speech! A rare, inspiring fusion of compassion and intellect. You have been, possibly, the best multi-cultural unifier we ever had.

  • anasim 11 months ago

    This does not deserve a downvote.

  • NoNoNo 11 months ago

    wow, when did Conan become such a self righteous phony?

  • Brent Brewington 11 months ago

    Was he referring to a video he was going to listen to? I want to listen, too. Link anyone?

  • TheTarrMan 11 months ago

    The senseless anger towards one another in this country is pitiful. . . . . . on all sides of the arguments.
    We’re Americans for crying out loud, that should be more than enough.

  • Charles Tinsman 11 months ago

    Nobody cares what you think

  • جبريل _ 11 months ago

    To test a true mans character, give him power…
    -Abraham Lincoln

  • Ash Kash 11 months ago

    Wow! Thanks for speaking on that Conan.

  • Do it live 11 months ago

    I am George Floyd.

  • You Tube 11 months ago

    Chop that cops leg off.

  • Kyle Darling 11 months ago

    Get rid of racists. Let the rest of us be happy and cordial to one another.

  • Spectrum UK 11 months ago

    After decades of peaceful protests for civil rights and a fight against discrimination since the 60s, through the heavily televised police brutality of the 90s with the Rodney King beatings, to all the unarmed black men we saw killed on camera the last 20 years (and those we didn’t), the children who watched these murders have grown up and have grown infuriated. George Floyd was the tipping point. This is why it has escalated to what it has become, and there are too many ignorant comments on the matter. If you don’t know the history, or empathise with the impact it has had on another community of people, stay out of it.

  • Mizqueer 11 months ago


  • Keiji 11 months ago

    I love you Conan. You’re so sincere compared to all these other late night hosts.

  • Osvaldo Villafane 11 months ago

    I love Conan. And it was a great choice to, talk about the situation without trying to own it or be opinionated about it. But I think he should’ve recognize the fact that a person was, not only killed, but viciously murdered. Thanks Conan.

  • Sultan Alshmrani 11 months ago

    what about the palstinian autistic kid the got shoot this week?

  • reverendspooty 11 months ago


  • Buster Wranks 10 months ago

    Next time maybe actually research the statistics so you don’t look like a fool.

  • Adnan Shahriar 10 months ago

    why’s there 4k dislikes??!!

  • Anthony Ford 10 months ago

    I was a fan of Conan in the 90s and that man is empty and shallow in the inside just look at his eyes now it’s sad to see what Hollywood did to that man

  • No Name 10 months ago

    Guess that’s it – Conan was always apolitical or at least cracked some jokes. This is just politics where theres supposed to be comedy.
    This is highly disappointing.

  • Jan Shiff 10 months ago

    God bless u .🤗💟

  • Ok Then 10 months ago

    If somebody living under a rock watched this speech and then watches one of trump’s they would think this is the president and Trumps the comedian
    Sad times

  • dee stranger 10 months ago

    Who’s asking this busted faced, washed-up, recluse has-been anything? One detestable criminal dies of an overdose in police custody and a sanctimonious Ivy League distortion of the facts in the case are supposed to have credibility over reality some how? Always remember this; George Floyd broke into a woman’s house and robbed the pregnant woman by aiming the gun at her unborn child while demanding she tell him where the good were. That woman miscarried as a result of George Floyd assaulting her during the home invasion… this is your hero people… feel stupid yet? What would your opinion be of him if he were still alive? Would you still say, “he’s getting his life back on track”? Getting his life back on track after killing a baby by being high on meth and fentanyl and stealing from a store? You care more about a dead criminal than the woman he victimized or the unborn baby he killed… how does it feel to be as corrupt,depraved, and despicable as you??????

  • PastafarianGamer 10 months ago

    Thank god I live in Canada!

  • idont love 10 months ago

    Conan, LEGEND

  • Rohar Baconmoo 10 months ago

    You still talked about your feelings while saying it was wrong to do so
    How vapid are these leftist morons

  • jeff deathrage 10 months ago

    Except the g floyd thing was FAKE.
    Conans GOTTA know it, too.

  • Heather Gundry 10 months ago

    It has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with pigs and their piggy ways.

  • David Johnson 10 months ago

    Hey Conan: I am an American citizen, well versed in the Constitution. I have a Ph.D in a science. I want to ask you a question: Why is it that you far left wing idealogues in the media, and in show business, seem to think that your opinion on certain controversial topics is important…that somehow, your opinion is much wanted, and really matters? Can you explain that? Can you remind the country as to why, if you are on TV, you know what is best for our country, and that everyone who disagrees with you is just ignorant, and doesn’t get it? You should watch that show ‘preppers’ because when the next civil war starts thanks to you leftist/anarchist/socialists, I’m guessing that you people who started it will be the initial targets of opportunity….you might want to start digging a hole to hide in.

  • blargin1234 10 months ago

    You just lost a fan of 20+ years Conan

  • Octavio Marrero 10 months ago

    Oh thank god I was wondering when this jack ass was going to speak about this.

  • Sitting Duck 10 months ago

    He’s just doing it for some likes he don’t give a damn about coloreds

  • Bob Ross 10 months ago

    Wow this fixed nothing

  • Ebony Anderson 10 months ago


  • Daris Johnson 10 months ago

    Yes they did . a joke

  • George Zinn 10 months ago

    Why is Conan even funny in this vid? Laughed like crazy…😅


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