Conan’s Favorite Conspiracy Theory – “Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan”

Published on June 15, 2021

Conan responds to a fan question about his favorite conspiracy theory and workshops one he’d like to start about himself.

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  • Kiss of Death 1 year ago

    Conan has a conspiracy theory that Jordan Schlansky is an alien.

  • Guilherme Santos 1 year ago

    Differents cities around the world dealing entertainment with violence: human and animals. Most than 1000 channels television through Latin America more Internet (web links) to regulate. People insane dealing mental conditions and industries integrated. Be alive it’s a invisible battle for each people living.

  • Path of Vox 1 year ago

    I can explain how it works,
    But that why no one listens to me

  • Path of Vox 1 year ago

    That not how “humans” are..
    That’s exactly right

  • daniel morris 1 year ago

    I wish I was tech savvy enough I could figure how to make Sona’s laugh my ring tone. ❤❤❤Sona! 😁✌🇨🇦

  • Rhett Booher 1 year ago

    I watched this when it had 666 views.

  • Ben Pottmeyer 1 year ago

    She looks like Melissa Benoist a little

  • Path of Vox 1 year ago

    IF there is truth to Elvis being alive (I don’t think so however),. Laying low and doing odd jobs to survive is perhaps his form of Repentance.
    Why can’t you people use the word Repentance ever?

  • Casperian 1 year ago

    It’s a spectrum. On one end, there are those like flat Earther’s who believe in countless conspiracy theories and on the opposite end are those who believe no conspiracies and corruption exist in the world and they are both idiots because they deny a long list of overwhelming proof.

    Below are just some of the conspiracy theories that were later declassified or exposed to be true some of which weren’t exposed until decades after they had been completed so yes, they were successful in keeping it secret long enough to complete them:

    – Iran Contra
    – NSA Spying
    – CoIntel Pro
    – The Finders Program
    – Operation Paperclip
    – Operation Mockingbird where the CIA admitted to having subverted the mainstream media with over 400 of their own assets 
    – Operation Northwoods
    – Watergate
    – Whitewater
    – The Tuskegee Experiment 
    – Project Popeye
    – The Gulf of Tonkin which conned us into the Vietnam War
    – Operation Gladio (my personal favorite)
    – MK Ultra
    – FBI Admitted to Have Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition Killing Thousands of Americans
    – Project Monarch
    – The Mena Drug Operation
    – The Business Plot
    – Lying about WMD’s in Iraq
    – The Staged Rescue of Jessica Lynch
    – The “Babies out of the Incubator” Staged Confession
    – Heart Attack Gun
    – The USS Liberty Attack
    – Operation Love Int
    – Opeation MYSTIC

  • The Book of Eli 1 year ago


    I’m just kidding

  • Time Pass 1 year ago

    She a true conan fan. Can’t stop smiling. I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling too. Conan is a funny man

  • Craig Alibocas 1 year ago

    The question you should be asking is if all conspiracies are false and if not which ones are true.

  • Grok Effer 1 year ago


  • RustyGoldenTV 1 year ago

    ELVIS would be SHOCKED at the post internet music royalties.

  • Dan Witzke 1 year ago

    All of Conan’s impressions have a little Nixon in them.

  • A Day in the Life Nico Y 1 year ago

    Fan from Hong Kong CoCo

  • Thomas K 1 year ago

    Conan is hilarious, talented, and fun to watch. Colbert is needlessly preachy, obsessively political, and not fun to watch. Pretty sure we know who’s in the illuminati.

  • Craig Alibocas 1 year ago

    Are you guys really this shallow?
    You think being rich in this life means anything?
    And Conan your as old as the road so why are you making fun of old people?
    Your going to make jokes all your days when the real issues are deflected with your comedy like it’s all sunshine and rainbows in the world.
    And Sona I take back everything I told you because when you laugh you look hideous no wonder you have to cover up your face when you laugh and don’t think I don’t know it represents an occult symbol of the muzzle like baine and the mask that your masters has made the world wear and when your dead and gone your not going to be remembered for anything with honour but your just going to be knowns as the court jesters that you are because you builded your life on the foundation of a joker and it shall not stand and your the bad guys and your the sell outs and if the Gentiles seek for worldly things then that’s what you are and you think it makes you great but you don’t know how hollow you really are.

  • Diana OT 1 year ago

    I believe you ARE a good lover, Conan.


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