Conan Questions A Crime Scene Investigator | Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan

Published on January 20, 2023

A real world CSI informs Conan that burning off his fingerprints will not, in fact, help him get away with a crime. Hear more from this episode @

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  • Radiant97 4 months ago

    Conan’s beard is returning. Nature is healing.

  • Cor Malum 4 months ago

    Conan: “I’ve committed crimes.”
    I’m thinking they were mainly crimes against good taste.

  • zoperxplex 4 months ago

    Did he run out of dye for the beard stubble?

  • Gelo Amiote 4 months ago

    you know it’s a great conafan episode when it’s 30 minutes!

  • Louise Richardson 4 months ago

    I watch a lot of British mysteries. Guns are rarely used. There are stabbings and murder by blunt objects. Sometimes the murder weapon is a baseball bat. That should be a red flag. If someone purchases a baseball bat in England, they should be kept under close surveillance.

  • DJEmonTV 4 months ago

    Conan is going grey!

  • Cody David 4 months ago

    This was my favorite Conan wants a buddy, so far.

  • David Richey 4 months ago

    Ten years from now when we discover Conan is really a serial killer, these videos will be gold.

  • ktjankabar 4 months ago

    Would love to know how she got into this profession.

  • Samael76 4 months ago

    I believe the implied threat in the archetypal Mexican standoff Conan, is that because everyone is so hyper-aware of every sound and motion, the nanosecond that you fire, everyone else will hear the shot (even if only for a nanosecond before they are hit) and fire as well. And then everyone dies. So I wouldn’t call that a “win”.

  • afro symphony 4 months ago

    “i’m a crime scene investigator”
    sona: *orgasms*

  • Shitake Party 4 months ago

    She’s cute. Umm I’ve committed a crime, investigate me cute bangs lady

  • afro symphony 4 months ago

    Nooo its too short!!!!!!

  • Ryan Potter 4 months ago

    then the psychiatrist goes to visit him in jail

  • MaxFleye 4 months ago

    Conan will never shave again


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