Conan: Pornhub Is Prepared For The Coronavirus Quarantine – CONAN on TBS

Published on February 26, 2020

Conan jokes about Pornhub, the Democratic debate, and Bernie Sanders.

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  • Rasool Kilani 3 months ago

    – a school burned down, hundreds of children died, also a church and a children’s hospital caught on fire !!!

    Andy Richter: “That’s a knee slapper”

  • CyanXOfficial 3 months ago


  • The Offbeat Alecca Show 3 months ago

    I just got a flex paste commercial. “Spread it. Stretch it.”

  • ゼ二傑尼 3 months ago

    Hey I am Chinese. cough cough

  • Noah Iglesias 3 months ago

    What!? What’s Porn hub?!?!….. it’s where you go to during a FAILING marriage

  • Leo Jordan 3 months ago


  • Alex 3 months ago

    BERNIE 2020. We need real leadership.

  • James Young 3 months ago

    GO VEGAN!!!!!!!

  • Zod Sinclair 3 months ago

    Honorable *Mr.Conan* & the Entire *Team Coco* Cabana! Can you please get a URGENT inquest over to *Dr. Talia Gershon,* of IBM & GOOGLE & Alphabet CEO *Sundar Pichai* , BOTH are Geniuses with access to Quantum Computers that have Achieved *QUANTUM SUPREMACY* , Super computer that can solve complex problems & run *Thousands* of simulations in a matter of *SECONDS* . Please can you ask them if they are tackling the problem of *COVID-19* with their supercomputers…we need them!

    *Quantum Computers* ….we were looking for a PURPOSE for them, other than to play Minecraft quite efficiently!
    *THIS IS IT!* – Give this ‘Problem’, [The genetic code of China shared the new virus, also know as *”2019-nCoV”* ]
    to a Quantum Computer, a problem that is taking lives FAST & is need of a solution in Days, not mths or yrs!
    Dr. Gershon, I saw a WIRED video where you say these comps can Simulate Chemical Bonding!…If thats the case then you can make it a task to Simulate the chemical bonding of CORONA VIRUS, have the quantum Computer break it down not just into atoms and molecular makeup but also the molar Equation.

    Then the Quantum Computer can work on Simulating the chemical structure and Bonding of CORONA VIRUS AKA *”2019-nCoV”* , and then you guys can Simulate adding chemical Additives that can deconstruct the virus, into harmless substances on the other side of the equation such as CORONA VIRUS + C6H2O? + Avacados = Ester + H2O ….

    An avacado has 1 general molecular formula that describes its constituents, so does an apple or the chemical drug Panadol. All well known drug additives & most natural fruits & remedies have 1 general molecular formula that describes them. there are basic computer programs that highschool

    students and Universities use called *MathLAB* which has a library of mathematical formulae that help them solve a with range of mathematical & real world problems[wiki says MatLAB was developed since 1968]. there must be a program called “ChemLAB” or something similar,

    that has an ever growing library of natural foods, herbs, drugs & their corresponding (1) general molecular & chemical formula. [ such as water=H2O Apple= etc,etc & so on & so on…]

    hopefully you get the drift of what I’m saying & gather with all the other great minds with access to Quantum computers, & interface them with a suitable “ChemLAB” software & its vast library of molecular formulae for all the drugs & natural remedies of Earth…

    so that the Quantum Computer [guided by doctors & Quantum Scientist] can run simulations adding combinations of these remedies to the molecular formula for “COVID19” until it breaks down into simple sugars or chemicals that the body can dispense of.

    This way a real *Quantum Computer* that has achieved *”QUANTUM SUPREMACY”* should beable to *SOLVE Corona Virus* in a matter of Hours, not days or months.

    those at Google too, though they be your rivals for ‘Quantum Supremacy’

    Surely you guys can have a Healthy alternative to the ‘CURRENT WAR’
    Where instead of fighting to win host the Fair & win the race to Light the World at Night!

    You guys can both FIGHT to save humanity from a disease of its own, with Quantum Computers
    a device that can solve problems in seconds or days that no other person or device could even in yrs or months!

    Please if you can get this across to the beautiful *Dr. Talia Gershon,*

    & or those at GOOGLE & Alphabet CEO *Sundar Pichai*

    pls see if you can get these brilliant people to tackle real world problems with there ‘Super Computers’
    Such as *Corona Virus.*

  • yellow crocs 3 months ago

    Corona virus **slaps knee**

  • Chris Fletcher 3 months ago

    That’s not what it’s for-we need to talk. Best punchlines!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Lilley 3 months ago

    hahah this is getting crazy now, i cant watch anyways stuck here in china. I have been making a few videos of my time here during this epidemic if you could give my channel a watch id massively appreciate it and it would help me alot. Stay safe everyone

  • Iron Fan 3 months ago

    Oh Andy. xD

  • Punk Paine 3 months ago

    It’s all jokes until USA starts having Coronavirus going around

  • James Simpson 3 months ago

    MSM promoting porn: What it will look like when the end is near.

  • JDillander91 3 months ago

    Andy is like “why you booing me, I’m right”

  • snake 3 months ago

    The coronavirus: *is spreading*
    Pornhub: *dont worry fam I got you*

  • Mr. Camacho 3 months ago



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