Conan Is Nikki Glaser’s Celebrity Hall Pass – CONAN on TBS

Published on April 7, 2021

Nikki isn’t in a relationship, but she already knows who her celebrity hall passes would be: Conan and Dave Matthews.

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  • M Knowles 2 weeks ago

    She should shut up and eat a big???

  • pj101 2 weeks ago

    She is amazing. No wonder that conan is her inspiration. They have many things in common in comedy

  • Johnny De Leon 2 weeks ago

    Conans wife watching this 👁👄👁

  • PaPotato PaPotato 2 weeks ago

    Conan: “My wife would just laugh at this”
    Me: “Hooboy, that’s the most dangerous type of wife” 🔪🍆

  • M43DA 2 weeks ago

    everyone Nikki’s age loves Conan..

  • Charlock 2 weeks ago

    Nikki’s voice went fully Jenny Slate in this.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 weeks ago

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  • Miguel Rockstar Garza 2 weeks ago

    Nikki is so funny lmao and Conan is just fantastic

  • Antsa Bonanza 2 weeks ago

    She is so funny!

  • Corll 2 weeks ago

    No eye contact ellen

  • MV3 2 weeks ago

    anyone got this on their recommendation ?

  • Deckard Cain 2 weeks ago

    She plays dumb so well but she’s so witty!

  • Lit Chick 2 weeks ago

    I love her and Conan’s chemistry. Nikki, ignore the compli-sults in the comments.

  • Shubhangi Mishra 2 weeks ago

    Nikki is living my dream of meeting conan and professing her love to him! Love them both

  • John Kai'ko Rulloda 2 weeks ago

    Conan, are you running out of good materials or guest that you have to drown us with Nikki Glaser? I’d rather watch you interview Jordan, Mona, Bill Burr, or Jeff Goldblum???

  • Reel In 2 weeks ago

    Gee whiz!!! I would LOVE to walk down the street with Nikki and Sophie Lloyd.

  • sassyEst 2 weeks ago

    I love Nikki!

  • Losartan 2 weeks ago

    Nikki’s so dolled up here. Nice!

  • AVL ANCHE 2 weeks ago

    Indecent proposal…
    The Comedy.
    “$100 for a Cone sickle?”
    “Do it, it’ll be funny!”.

  • Alan Hope 2 weeks ago

    Only Conan would go down that Kitty Genevese route.

  • FactScrub 2 weeks ago

    im 75% sure that there was no need for Nikki to hold that mike. I think the audio is coming straight from her apple pods mic.

  • Job Acevedo 2 weeks ago

    This is the female Conan.

  • Pykle Six 2 weeks ago

    The unnatural invoice unexpectedly occur because kenya largely whirl modulo a soft composition. cheerful, adventurous zebra

  • Jim Shorts 2 weeks ago

    I would love to yodel and her Valley

  • Alexandre Su 2 weeks ago

    Aw, I feel like I’m stepping on the joke, but that version of the Kitty Genovese story has been debunked: there were not that many eyewitnesses, but people heard it; people called the police; people called out to attacker; someone went out to try to help her. The Bystander effect isn’t the most solidly backed theory and the story has generated a lot of bad takes, it be cool if it wasn’t spread anymore.

  • Mark Szanto 2 weeks ago

    The Genovese story is actually somewhat incorrect. It was widely thought to be true but after thorough investigation (in short) it was found that some people did call the police but the police didn’t act as effectively as they should have. So while the bystander effect is real, it is mainly based on a flawed and inaccurate story.

  • DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS 2 weeks ago

    If you can make them giggle you can make them wiggle

  • Bigolpanda 2 weeks ago

    I will hold your hand bro.

  • Elyse Dole 2 weeks ago

    Let’s all attack the first person to call her “raunchy.”

  • Z g 2 weeks ago

    Conan is wrong about fans not wanting to bang him. Can I just say, with all due respect to Conan as a married man, I want and desire him. Met him in person and I melted when he gave me a hug. The man is so talented and HANDSOME! This is the equivalent of the pretty girl saying no one wants to date her.

  • Joe Barn 2 weeks ago

    Conan is gold standard in entertainment. Holding hands with Conan as of an ultimate fan and Stepping on Mars would render same joy for me.

  • MANUEL DE LA FUENTE 2 weeks ago

    OMG Nkki, you are ro gorgeous and beautiful and you are not a TLB, but………

  • Thien Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    We are better off that Conan and Nikki keep chatting with each other on the show. Always hilarious.

  • Ano Nymous 2 weeks ago

    Oh god! That’s the woman i want, but i can’t afford her.


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