Conan Hangs Out With His Good Mates In Sydney – CONAN on TBS

Published on April 22, 2019

Conan tests out his Australian slang skills on his new best friends John-o and Jim-o.

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  • shai.loves.tacos 4 months ago

    lol John-O couldn’t get it together 😂

  • Andy Toledo 4 months ago

    The kid looks like a troublemaker xD.

  • Kai Markuske 4 months ago

    The best hahha

  • John McClane 4 months ago

    That kid was awesome.

  • Random Guy 4 months ago

    Imagine if Conan met MaxMoeFoe and AnythingForViews

  • Kimberly Comfort 4 months ago

    This isn’t Conan’s best at the end segment

  • Mike Fayed 4 months ago

    That selfie bollocks. God bless Conan. ‘XD

  • TonySnow-Frm D.C. 4 months ago

    Conan will never run out of funny

  • SPD Adventurer 4 months ago

    Conan is always up for playing all sorts of games wherever he goes lol

  • Gracie Ambrósio 4 months ago

    “I don’t think I really did it” that’s how you defend yourself from from a crime!

  • Larry The Fox 4 months ago

    Every segment of this Australia one he’s doing this to everyone with their accent, seems to be getting a little offensive no?

  • Hugh Jass 4 months ago

    Cono makes me laugh-o a lot-o.

  • Lorenzo 4 months ago

    How bloody tall is that kid mate. Like 6’2 at 15.

  • Loofer Rigno 4 months ago

    I anybody else mad that Conan used Con-o instead of Coco

  • Unadapted 4 months ago

    Beautiful flowers behind them

  • vrushab c h 4 months ago

    I’m still waiting for Jordan schlansky.

  • arnav gandhi 4 months ago

    Two penguins talking be like

  • Light of Ryga 4 months ago

    Ha ha, this was a good one. I was very surprised when I went to live in Australia for a year. The perception is nothing like reality. Government plays a huge role in people’s lives. It’s a nanny state and there are laws against all sorts of freedoms we take for granted in the US. There’s not much diversity in thinking. People generally just believe what the very few media outlets tell them (its like that in every country, but its particularly bad in Aus) People are not nearly as friendly as is believed. Strangers very rarely talk to one another. Everyone is in their own little bubble. They have a disgust for Americans and have no problem showing it. They have a distinct social class. The manual laborers or less skilled workers literally have to wear a vest that lets everyone know that they are hard laborers and to treat them as such. They are perceived as big partyers and drinkers, but that is a total fabrication. Compared to the US they are more like teetotalers, though it’s not their fault because you have to be rich to drink alcohol. Government so heavily taxes everything that most can’t afford more than a drink or two. A pint costs around $10. A pack of cigarettes costs over $30. A paperback book costs $25-30 which may shed some light on the reasons why they all speak like they are very uneducated. The school system is pretty bad too. The curriculum is about a year behind the US, which is already really poor itself, and schools only really teach about Australia. Students have a warped view of the world because they are taught nothing about it. All that being said, they do have the best weather.

  • Tsuki Hoshi 4 months ago

    Damn Australians Almost Tower up Conan

  • Post-Rock 4 months ago

    Bloke at the end didn’t seem too pleased about being mimicked like a pirate by ol’ Conno’
    That explains his enthusiasm for the selfie, “Pfft, alright!”


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