Conan Demonstrates How To Properly Sanitize Your Jigsaw Puzzle

Published on March 16, 2020

Before you start that 1000 piece puzzle, make sure you properly sanitize it first and sing “Happy Birthday” to each individual piece.

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  • Makoto Potato 12 months ago

    This was very informative and helped me sanitized my puzzles in various ways 🙂

  • Yosh GonUr 12 months ago


  • Audrey Rutherford 12 months ago

    This man is bored

  • Tarkus 12 months ago

    Watching Twitch & Netflix, playing games online, ordering food delivery… this virus is just asking me to do what I have been doing for the past 10 years 😀

  • Old Man Duff 12 months ago

    Now seems like a good time to invest in cabin-fever.

  • Romanes eunt domus 12 months ago

    Does this count as a Conan remote?

  • B C 12 months ago

    Conan is now cooking puzzle pieces to sanitize them. I think Conan has gone bye-bye.
    How about you Andy?
    Andy under a couch and wearing a giant mask.
    “Sorry, I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

  • Z G 12 months ago

    Conan is the best comedian and host, now he has proven to us he can be the best youtuber too!

  • tharru 12 months ago

    My OCD is triggered x 1000

  • Corasmomma 12 months ago

    We need more videos of Conan bored at home please

  • Nina 12 months ago


  • Debjyoti Samaddar 12 months ago

    Remember when Conan was draining good quality milk whilst a woman told her husband she’s pregnant? This reminds me of that.

  • Klara Stern 12 months ago

    thank you <3

  • Graham Payne 12 months ago

    @teamcoco I thought you o my k we how to cook ramen!

  • colleen ryan 12 months ago

    you can also sanitize them by microwaving them for a few minutes, but boiling is the most effective method, share this video to spread awareness!

  • Homero Castellanos 12 months ago

    I hope he had more puzzles. Ruined a perfectly good puzzle for a bit.

  • RED ACE 12 months ago

    Anyone else hear the laugh track?

  • Hollins23 12 months ago

    LOL!! OMG!! The things that I am entertained by during this time!
    Please keep it coming! The world is panicking. We need lighthearted laughs.

  • Lisa Chaput 12 months ago

    Yeah, but what are all the other people on Conan’s show doing? Is Sonya binge watching? Are the other ones eating cake without Conan? Lol

  • Justin Vader 12 months ago

    That’s too much

  • Raiinniedits 11 months ago

    There is 666k views

  • danmar007 11 months ago

    When I get home I put my hands in boiling water and burn my clothes.

  • Big Mike 11 months ago

    Coded message telling his friends to boil there adrenochrome ….

  • C Forster Ichikawa 11 months ago

    I love it so much when Conan does any old timey voice.

  • OMGWTFLOL 11 months ago

    A cardboard puzzle piece can’t become “infected”. It can become contaminated however. Other than that minor oversight and your obvious math error, this was a very practical demonstration. You are doing the lord’s work.

  • Obsidian Oracle 7 11 months ago

    hes trying to show the elite how to fix their infected adrenochrome. that’s the key boil it …. he said it

  • Puzzled Satisfaction 11 months ago

    I thought this process was flawless and then PLOT TWIST

  • Beware 11 months ago

    Conan is sending a coded message to other celebrities about their infected adrenochrome. Follow me.

  • Rob J 11 months ago

    When this quarantine is over, don’t expect Conan to immediately return to television. He’ll still need three months of supervised therapy first.

  • Aznswordsman007 11 months ago

    It’s actually 2000 Pieces at most, lol

  • Anthony8851 11 months ago

    What devilish creation is this.

  • Lron Hubbard 10 months ago

    Wow.. Did you get some bad adrenachrome Conan?lol

  • rstriker1980 10 months ago


  • Blob Fish 10 months ago

    I hate this planet there is a dog that has covid 19

  • sheldon fable 10 months ago

    The puzzle that in Conan.

  • Kimbra Holbrook 10 months ago

    Wow Conan! What the hell kind of code is that on how to clean the tainted adrenochrome???!!! Are you boiling pineal glands??!! Ha-Ha!! That is so obvious code! Just like Ellens puzzle! And her trying to tell people in code that shes trying to find untainted adrenochrome in backstock!! She was’nt having much success because as she said ” i’m not stupid!”…Well neither are we!!! The Happy Birthday song 1,000 times?? WTF??? Its been 31/2 days? No it has’nt, its been a couple of minutes….You’re covered with urine??? WHAT MF’er???Why not get a brand new puzzle still in the box never touched by human hands? Its cut by a machine, boxed by a machine.This is’nt about no damn puzzle fool.

  • Kanewan Harris 10 months ago

    Shame on you, knobwit…I’m actually looking for a way to sanatize a second hand jigsaw that I’ve bought during lockdown and all I find on Google is you making a joke of it.

  • mat9813004 9 months ago

    He left out the, and here is a jigsaw puzzle I assembled earlier.

  • K M 9 months ago

    isnt that just ruin the whole games? instead you just soak it in dish liquid water or detergent water, well I did that with my game……..i guess you just try to make the show for fun anyway………thanks!!!

  • Justin Moore 9 months ago

    All three operations can be under the operation “jigsaw sanitize.” If you military turds have not already came up with this operation we need one in place yesterday.


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