Conan: British People Want Trump Immediately Deported – CONAN on TBS

Published on July 13, 2018

Conan jokes about Trump’s U.K. visit, Papa John’s, and robots who are taking jobs away from anti-Semites.

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  • Airman mckellar 3 years ago

    XD trump is a broad huh , I always knew he wasn’t a man XD

  • Kevin durant 3 years ago


  • reaper Green 3 years ago

    I’ll do you one better …..why I’d Donald Trump ??

  • EdoloChannel 3 years ago

    People treat Trump’s presidency like it’s the end of the world. Jesus, I get that the guy isn’t the best but I don’t think he’s THAT bad. I’m not an american citizen nor do I know a lot about politics really, but aren’t people exaggerating a bit? What horrible things has he done to be hated by everyone like this?

  • Whiterun Guard 3 years ago

    Its looks like theres sheep in my country aswel now americans can realise the facist left is everywhere other thqn where they are needed.

  • FryedPidgey 3 years ago

    We get knocked out of the World Cup and then this tool of a president decided to show. Also our good weather is now fading away.

  • Alreem 3 years ago

    Hundreds? There were around 250,000 protestors lol

  • The Head Horseman 3 years ago

    When the only people who like you IN THE ENTIRE WORLD are racist…

  • Suicidal Ferrets 3 years ago

    Trump is our savior

  • Fun Guy 3 years ago

    Correction, *”British SJWs”* want Trump immediately deported…
    The same as SJWs the world over, then.
    Most of us Brits would welcome Trump the people’s president of the United States.

  • Frank Yaeger 3 years ago

    0:29 0:35 its always the same guy in every show who laugh like that. that tells me its political motivated and this show is against trump and republicans. greetings from germany

  • Just Me 3 years ago

    Of course we don’t want him here, on top of breathing the same air as this hate spewing,vain,egotistical narcissist void of any form of intelligence is costing us 10 millions pounds for his security and his golf trip!

  • JJREVIEWS 3 years ago

    I live here in England and I think alot of the British want to do more than just deport him.

  • GAMING with FRIENDS 3 years ago

    no us brits dont want him deported from uk only some of the morons with screws loose over here do 95% of us agree with him the rest escaped from looney bin.

  • Doomer Kkid 3 years ago

    I am a Trump supporter and I still can see humour in things. Prepare for all the comments from people who can’t and are “never watching Conan again”. Salty peeps

  • Donald Clinton 2020 3 years ago

    They probably said that because if the Britons praise Trump, they’ll get arrested.

  • Samah Nader 3 years ago

    It’s not coming home! ?

  • maaz amjad 3 years ago

    Trump is way better than Clinton, Bush and Obama combined!

  • Machcia 3 years ago

    Can Conan stop fanning out his hands like he’s healing the cripples and waiting for people’s reaction? holy fk

  • drewpamon 3 years ago

    Stay away from politics Conan, I already avoid most of the other talk shows for this reason.


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