Compulsory Voting In America? Ronny Chieng Investigates | The Daily Show

Published on November 3, 2020

Mandatory voting is the law in 22 countries, including in a country drunker, crazier, and whiter than America: Australia. Ronny Chieng investigates what compulsory voting in America would look like. #DailyShow #RonnyChieng #Election2020



  • soraya 2 years ago

    if ya don’t want to participate in the country, you shouldn’t live in it

  • 414rl 2 years ago

    dude a shield does nothing without a mask underneath it… you basically just gave him an annoying pair of sunglasses and sent him to talk to people on the streets of NYC … WTAF… protect the people you send out to the field … if you wanted to be dramatic with his look you could have given him the masks with a plastic clear window for the mouth… it makes you look like hanibal lector and people can see your lips moving so its practical and funny as hell

  • JLF JLF 2 years ago

    It only takes them 15 minutes at the polls with *everyone* voting?

  • OpenPolicyTHISObama 2 years ago

    For me, I don’t vote because I don’t care to be informed about candidates. So my single vote wouldn’t be what is best for the country. I believe politics are a rich mans game, and even with a 20 minute investment to actually vote, my vote wouldn’t matter, especially with how the electoral college works. With that being said my vote would be out of ignorance, and if my vote mattered, I would be voting wrong. On top of that, it’s an “us versus them” competition. If we had better represented minor parties I wouldn’t have to choose between two candidates that I don’t support. I am not rich, I am uninformed, and I have other issues I’d want to deal with

  • Bthsr71 2 years ago

    As much as I despise the dumb fucks who waste the ballots bought with blood, sweat, tears, and lives… that is still their freedom. I disagree with it, and I will shame them, but I won’t force them to vote

  • Joe Smith 2 years ago

    I am a European living in Singapore, still, I have anxiety because of the US elections. Sweaty hands, aching stomach… Can’t really concentrate on anything, checking the news every 5 mins… Get it right this time America, a lot depends on it! 🙏

    PS.: This segment made me laugh though. Thank you, it was like oxygen for me right now!

  • Official Squadrilogy 2 years ago

    “It takes 5 minutes … Just shut ** *** up” Best line ever XD

  • DesignTheMessiah 2 years ago

    Voting should require an IQ test.

  • Disruptive Bee 2 years ago

    Ay yes! As a garbage connoisseur I really enjoyed that shot of garbage. Thanks Ronny.

  • Nick Haas 2 years ago

    Litto beer wit breky

  • John Tingle 2 years ago

    There are religious groups that do not vote. To make it mandatory would be a violation of their 1st amendment right of the freedom of religion. How can this be the land of the free if you violate peoples right of religion that that do not want to participate in the worldly political strife?

  • Chris Carmona 2 years ago

    Is the “Everything’s Better Down Under” slogan already trademarked by Australia? If it’s not, then somebody should tell the Aussie government to get to it.

  • mzf 11125 2 years ago

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  • Zachattk23 2 years ago

    For me as an independent i look at all of the runners; my case Andrew Yang. I don’t like Trump and I don’t really like Biden. The issue is with the insane funding that certain runners receive that makes the other eligible candidates lose the race not because of their views and policies but they aren’t getting insane funds from corporations and individuals to fund their campaign while the average American in the middle class maybe will donate $100 or so the the campaign. For me I changed my voters reg. to Democrat only to vote for Andrew because I supported his policies and views, Donated, and followed his campaign but the reasons he got knocked out was the democrats inability to give him a chance to debate on questions and for lack of funding from large corps and businesses. I think i speak for a few people that when it comes down to voting; don’t force people who don’t want to vote (based on available selection) just so YOU can win. Just because there’s only two “real” picks doesn’t mean we should be forced to pick one especially win you hate both options and no (lesser of the two evils is not a valid argument).

    Before we implement mandatory voting fix the selection process, bias and voting system / process first.

  • Fatmata Sanusi 2 years ago

    It should especially if they r going to keep the outdated electoral college

  • cc227able 2 years ago

    As an Australian, I was told if you want rights you have to vote. “No rights with out responsibility.” Your responsibility is to vote for your government who then fights for your rights.

  • hotscoop 2 years ago

    Ronny always make me laugh … 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Randy Russell 2 years ago

    Voting should NOT be mandatory. Minimum IQ requirements in order to vote should be

  • L W 2 years ago

    Yes. Voting should be mandatory. BUT political education should be compulsory. Starting in grade school, students needs to learn civics, government, and politics.
    They need to know the origins and platforms of the political parties. Too many people just vote straight blue or red because their family and friend have always done so.
    We do a terrible job of preparing our voters. They don’t realize how serious it is. We spend so much more time and money on sports and music.

  • Cee Gabe 2 years ago

    (.grcdt)    If ever we needed THE LORD  before-we SURE do need HIM now.

    “Focus on GOD-and NOT your problems.”) (Dr. Charles Stanley)
    (“PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans.” (the late Pastor Stephen Darby):

    GOD’S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER:
    2 CHRONICLES 7:14:

    Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land.

    (HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV  )
    HE can surely do it for us.

    GOD will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.)     Pass it on…


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