Comey Goes ‘Hollywood’ (According To Hannity)

Published on April 18, 2018

Sean Hannity compared James Comey’s Late Show appearance to an audition for ‘Hollywood’s inner elite circle.’ Little does he know, that audition already happened.

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  • hamburgerhelperflick 1 year ago

    Hannity is just seething with jealousy.

  • Gavin 1 year ago

    What you mean these clips are out of context?

  • Mixamaka 1 year ago

    The right is obsessed with the left.

  • tremapar 1 year ago

    The worst part of this clip was having to watch Hannity for 20 seconds

  • Björn 1 year ago

    Click “read more” for the best joke ever

    Sean Hannity

  • Cloyette Grant 1 year ago

    Hannity should just sit down. #nocredibilityhere

  • mindlessgonzo 1 year ago

    A reminder that most prominent right wingers are people who couldn’t make it to Hollywood and are jabbing at Hollywood out of jealousy, disregarding the fact they made two celebrities presidents.

  • Dominique Gomez 1 year ago

    Why the fuck hasn’t he been fired already?

  • Jim Fortune 1 year ago

    Poor Sean. Things are not going well for him right now.

  • Armed Wombat 1 year ago

    Why do conservatives see movie stars and educated people as “the elite”, but not billionaires? Who donates more to political campaigns?

  • Windsor Castle 1 year ago

    Hannity would love to better part of the Hollywood crowd. Better see if the Fixer could get you a ticket

  • A2 1 year ago

    I cant stand watching anything that forces me to listen to hannity ugh

  • Thelma Atkinson 1 year ago

    Silly Hannity you are already in trouble but still want to spin

  • Laura Harris 1 year ago

    “If you think Hollywood is depressing and corrupt, politics is really depressing and corrupt — and fueled even more than Hollywood by money — if that’s possible.” – Ben Affleck

  • Lex Nel 1 year ago

    Tell hannity to keep Mr. Colbert’s name out his two girls one cup mouth.

  • revengefrommars 1 year ago

    So Hannity is geography-challenged?  New York is about as far away from Hollywood as possible while still being in the continental US.

  • Lucia Delia 1 year ago

    Ugh. Stephen Colbert lives and works in Manhattan, NY. His show is in the beautiful Ed Sullivan Theatre. He is not the Hollywood type. He is extremely intelligent and very talented.

  • Suaird 1 year ago

    Sean Hannity, a waste of human existence. Trying to gloss over his issues in the news of late. Hopefully his role in Fakes News comes to a swift end when his own sexual harassment secrets come out.

  • Fifty 1 Fifty 1 year ago

    Sean Hannity probably used the lawyer to pay himself hush money every time he went off and fucked himself.

  • Sean Sopata 1 year ago

    I’d like to point out that republicans elected a Hollywood movie star and a reality TV star as President…


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