Comey Compared Donald Trump To A Mafia Boss

Published on April 17, 2018

Ahead of his highly anticipated Late Show appearance on Tuesday, James Comey apparently had a practice interview conducted by George Stephanopoulos.

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  • Jotaro Kujo 2 years ago

    Trump acts like a mob boss, because many of his close friends are mob bosses. Trump has ties to both the Italian Mob, and the Russian Mob.

  • smittyd4801 2 years ago

    Stormy Daniels 2020!!! Restoring honor and dignity to the oval office.

  • boonlincoln 2 years ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. Sean Hannity Forgot To Mention Something…
    2. Comey Compared Donald Trump To A Mafia Boss

  • Ro G 2 years ago

    Why is t’rump’s tie always so long? Like seriously. Doesn’t he realize that he doesn’t need any more help looking like a clown?

  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    But what kind of mafia boss can’t even run a casino??

  • Challenger Network 2 years ago

    As Comey stood firm by the drape
    Unknowing he’d be alone with that ape
    He approached him so humble
    To which then Trump mumbled
    He can’t shake the thought of pee tapes

  • osamabinsmokin 2 years ago

    the writers for the Trump show need fired, shits getting unbelievable, what next, a long lost twin?

  • Classy 2 years ago

    Spank me Colbert Daddy!! 😍

  • Lene Engstrand 2 years ago

    Looking forward to the interwiew with Comey . He sounds more fit to run the country than Trump .

  • BobEckert56 2 years ago

    Stephen, watch yourself, it’s not all about you. Be careful. Comey is trying to tell us the truth.

  • Ry Sun 2 years ago

    No one tell the emperor he is orange or has no clothes.

  • SliverTheSpoony01 2 years ago

    You know, I was on the fence about how I felt about Comey. But that “Don’t look to Congress. Save yourselves, America! ” comment, just clenched it! Comey can go to a very hot place and do very lewd things with himself!

    It’s not a matter of Buyers Remorse for his voters or crippling anxiety and loathing for the rest of us, it’s about the damage he is doing every single day he still remains in office to our Country, our reputation, or credibility and integrity, our environment and the danger he puts us in every single day of being plunged into a serious conflict that will cost 1000s if not millions their lives!

    F U Comey!


  • Joan Hampshire 2 years ago

    Do US Republican senators ever feel like removing their spare the world any more danger..?

  • Chad Ross 2 years ago

    Tbh Colbert diluted what Comey was saying. His point was that us as American citizens hold a huge responsibility regarding trump being president. And if we don’t want somebody like this being president then we have to do our part, go out and vote, not just in presidential elections but also mid term elections!!. Like yeah I hate trump but you do realize the reason he exist is because about half this country voted for him, people hated Hilary so much that they just said fuck voting all together, and no one on our side gave a damn about the inner states (Hilary herself admits this to be a fault). He was saying this should be a learning experience for us. And realistically impeachment is a long shot guys.

  • Simone 2 years ago

    Well hes right in a way about impeachment. Its a sound argument in some way(there are practical reasons for removing Trump from office though). Democracy is a responsibility, and the population doesn’t get to lay *all* the blame on it’s leadership(or lack of thereof).

  • KingOfMadCows 2 years ago

    The other mob bosses let Trump hang around because they thought he was funny. Funny like a clown. He amused them. He made them laugh.

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

    Comey roasted trump. It was funny because it’s true.

  • Thraazon 1976 2 years ago

    The US ppl. deserve him for sure, otherwise they’d be doing one national strike after another, but since that’s obviously not the case, they seem to be ok with their orange pee pee president who make the US look like a cheap sitcom.

    The only problem i have is that they gave such a madman access to the biggest military in the world and even worse, nukes. For that reason alone he should be removed at once, by any means US Justice has at their disposal. Don’t wait for the next elections, that guy is fucking dangerous.
    What if some fly makes him itch his butt in the morning and he decides to nuke some random country?

    The US ppl. should finally learn that they should elect the best and brightest, not the most stupid ones they can come up with.
    Lives depend on such a vote dammit, it is not just some joke!
    How they could elect such a weak minded perverted megalomaniac is completely beyond me. But it says a lot about the American people for sure…

  • sidd joshi 2 years ago

    Why is that when it comes to All other countries (Mexico,China etc) Donald Trump gets PISSED OFF… but when its Russia he gets PISSED ON ?!?! #PeePeeTape

  • Christian Schoff 2 years ago

    Impeachment would give us Pence. :/


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