College Cheating Scandal and Paul Manafort’s Sentencing: A Closer Look

Published on March 13, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at how a massive college cheating scandal and the sentencing of the president’s ex-campaign chairman have exposed corruption at the highest levels of society.

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  • Adam Stark 1 year ago

    Breaking News: The FBI just raided President Trump’s personal library. All 3 books were seized. The president is absolutely furious because….

    …he hadn’t finished coloring them yet

  • Quantumese Boy 1 year ago

    All people are insane and cats have a tough life.

  • charles hetrick 1 year ago

    I love all the “pearl clutching” going on re the college admissions BS. Cause maybe there are some Amish who were caught unawares. I love how Mr Seth talks like he’s not wealthy and wildly over paid for making the same jokes as Colbert and Kimmel and any other number of repetitive pointless late night hosts.

  • Robert Stoner 1 year ago

    Weird. I thought when he said “his own schools” he meant the two fake universites Trump had

  • Young Chahzie 1 year ago

    Singer looks like the bad guy in Under Siege 2.

  • Bella Bella 1 year ago

    Just arrest all the white ppl they’re the sneakiest of them all

  • Tagurich 1 year ago

    What gets me is that the rich could afford to pay tuition outright but the kids are too dumb or lazy to apply themselves.

  • HeyitsDee 1 year ago

    The “side door” way that these people did this with William Singer was unconscionable. But had there not been a third party involved, this is not that dissimilar from what the wealthy have been doing for ages for their kids. Money talks

  • Narffet Les 1 year ago

    Even more rare than Red Herring!

  • whiskey jack 1 year ago

    Your country needs a revolution

  • Stan Mrak 1 year ago

    Wait… what is Seth’s net worth?

  • RuleofFive 1 year ago

    Jared Kushner’s family got him into Yale with a 3 million dollar donation. Is this really surprising to anyone anymore?!

  • Jalal Curmally 1 year ago

    That was a pretty good shaggy.

  • Pele Simone 1 year ago

    So much better Seth!

  • Mariama 1 year ago

    How pathetic does your academic performance have to be to need your already rich and famous parents to bribe your acceptance into university? You’d think (sadly still) that your parents being who they are would be enough

  • emmgeevideo 1 year ago

    Um, Seth. How much money do you make a year? I’m guessing 7 figures? Yes, these are bad people. Is it really fair to generalize about all rich people — and exclude yourself?

  • Todd Crabtree 1 year ago

    The only SAT Trump has legitimately taken is one on his fat ass instead of doing honest work.

  • geno mccgeno 1 year ago

    I’m sure this is exactly how our so-called “president” got his “college degree”. They should not only prosecute the parents, but also confiscate any money and property that this crook Singer can’t prove he earned legally. They should also fire the coaches, and anybody else at the universities that participated, and expel any current students, and void the degrees of any graduates that were involved.

  • slaccerone 1 year ago

    People always knew about the school bribery thing why is this news!?

  • Harmony Jones 1 year ago

    Bernie can fix this. Fix it forever.


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