Collapsing Freeways, Anti-Vax Protests & A Military Coup | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 2, 2021

A chunk of California’s Highway 1 collapses, anti-vaxxers shut down a vaccination site at Dodgers Stadium, and Myanmar’s military seizes control. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Myanmar

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  • Master Noob96 1 year ago

    I mean has NO ONE heard that people are keeling over from this so called ‘miracle cure’??
    A doctor who took it had bleeding in his brain afterwards. That shits no different from everything else you see in commercials. Grant it tho, these people need not waste people’s time with even more pointless sign waving. When will we ever learn that signs mean nothing??

  • Geetika A 1 year ago

    Still no mention about protests in India . What will it take for people to notice that India is going through a tough time and the government is killing dissent . Yesterday Twitter withheld so many accounts just because government wanted .

  • Tuti Fruti 1 year ago

    and THAT’s why I’ve been “shouting” about real estate investments in California being a very bad idea (unless for flipping and re-selling until mid-2021).
    (I remember driving up that highway; one of the nicest views EVER!! Runner-ups: highway down coast of Croatia and scenic drive around Capetown)

  • Pamela Jungbeck 1 year ago

    Great Trevor news coverage

  • Kristine Vasquez 1 year ago

    When are we improving the sound man? Get a mic or something. The muffled jokes just don’t hit the same.

  • Beyond Human 1 year ago


  • Kevin Sanchez 1 year ago

    I would have just ran over their protesting lmao isn’t that what they do to the other side?

  • Panda 1 year ago


  • Mike Young 1 year ago

    That coup could have been our coup. I have no doubt trump and his “massive fraud” would have used the military if he could of. We got lucky this time. It makes no difference if there was fraud or that trump lies about it. It only matters what a few key people in the military and those that voted for trump. No doubt it would have meant civil war and millions of deaths and probably the end of our country when our enemies got done with what was left.

  • Fredrik Holt 1 year ago

    2:34 look at the bookshelf

  • Ashish Awaghad 1 year ago

    1:55 a Tesla Model 3 just passes by lol.. my first unintended Tesla sighting in a YouTube video!

  • Sniper Jeff 1 year ago

    Instead of changing the name of Myanmar to capital building they should announce they found massive oil and gas reserves in Myanmar
    That will do it.

  • John Miranda 1 year ago

    Hwy 1 is the very ANTITHESIS of a freeway.

  • Blue Fire 1 year ago

    Hey Trevor , when are you going back to the studios ??? And get a haircut while u are on your way there ….

  • Pandæmonium 1 year ago

    Send the national guard to protect the vaccination centers.

  • Rykerzane Dante 1 year ago

    Trump looks so stupid now.. The Myanmar’s junta leader is definitively smarter than him!

  • meh! 1 year ago

    I expect an episode from Jon Oliver on Myanmar-Burma

  • Saoirse Donnelly 1 year ago

    It’s not the first time there has been a partial collapse on the 1. It’s really pretty but I’m not keen on driving over…especially with no guard rails

  • Wai Yan 1 year ago

    And citizen of that country and I’m getting f***** up

  • ValleyRidge Land 1 year ago

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