Colin Quinn Has Advice for Democrats Taking On Trump in 2020

Published on May 16, 2019

Colin Quinn talks about his comedy special Red State Blue State, explains why he thinks U.S. needs to divide and how Democrats need to stand out in 2020.

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  • catalinacurio 3 years ago

    Remember 2020 is only next year lovely Dems, not long to go before you have the power to oust trump and his tag along for the free ride family from the White House. ?

  • Gatsby999888 3 years ago

    Quinn must have gotten famous by sheer force of will… because it isn’t his sparkling wit.

  • Joshua Jung 3 years ago

    This guy gets it. I feel bad after seeing his specials on Netflix that, probably because of his accent, I never gave him a chance in the past. His history of new york special is great.

  • RetroStation 1989 3 years ago

    Colin Quinn talks that way — the same way on Remote Control when he had to announce Adam Sandler as Studboy.

  • NYCrazyRob 3 years ago

    4:25 LMAO!

  • Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr 3 years ago

    This an attrition thing?

  • toobasaurus23 3 years ago

    Love this guy!

  • Gosha Reidin 3 years ago

    Trump is a great person and really a help hand for not very rich americans.

  • Vee Macks 3 years ago

    I kept hearing about this legend Colin guy from podcasts and other comedians talking amongst each other. Now I’ve finally seen/heard him … I don’t get it. Seth seems to have a comedy man-crush on him though. So much over-laughing at nothing.

  • Coos Oorlog 3 years ago

    Rapists and murderers should vote. I mean we shouldn’t force them or anything but why not. That’s how it’s done in real developed democracies.

  • GodKingOsiris 3 years ago

    Goddamn it! Colin is still amazing at what he does! The king of tough crowds!

  • Waryaa Wariiri 3 years ago

    Colin said in jest, however United States needs to be broken at least to seven separate countries. The sooner, the peaceful, the better.

    Washington, Oregon and California (call it Califoreton); Minnesota, Wisconsis, Illinoi, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio (second country); New England plus New York and New Jersey country (third country); Virginias, Carolinas, Georgia and Florida (fourth country); Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma (fifth country); Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana (sixth country); Montana, Idaho, Iowa, Dakotas (seventh country).

    The rest can join wherever they can fit.

  • Big Wig 3 years ago

    Seth eyes are super beady

  • Nonofya Bidnez 3 years ago

    Be more funny!


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