Colbert Gets His Copy Of The Mueller Report

Published on April 19, 2019

After two years of waiting (mostly) patiently, Stephen finally gets his hands on the Mueller report. And it was worth the wait.

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  • Ray Fatemi 4 months ago

    Most corrupt government run by a con man!

  • MegaLaidback 4 months ago

    The president is really f”cked up, so is the congress and the DOJ. Yet we the taxpayers keep paying for their b*llshit. Things need to change.

  • 24 45 jim 4 months ago

    isn’t it great that the president didn’t collude with russia? or is it better if he colluded? or is it because some mainstream media spent years convincing people that there’s collusion and then knowing the truth smack them in the face?

  • Mike Zimmer 4 months ago

    Sarah Sanders’ children: What does Mommy do for a living ?

    Sarah Sanders: Well, sweetie, basically I stand in front of a podium and lie to the American public about once a month or so, when it seems like a good idea. My boss gets to do it on Twitter or when he is not playing golf, like, 10 times a day. And I’m lucky I didn’t get my overweight ass thrown into an oven at the Red Hen. Hell, I’m lucky I’m alive knowing I got a bunch of people wanting my fat ass dead.

  • drgnslyer45 4 months ago

    ⚡️✨🌟⭐️💫☄️💥🔥Impeach ASAP🌈🌪🔥💥☄️💫⭐️🌟✨⚡️

  • Nathan Zoroya 4 months ago


  • Jon A 4 months ago

    Did anyone notice the beard dude’s reaction when Barr said there was no evidence of collusion? He looks off confused and then looks straight down. Bearded dude was like wait, what? Lol

  • Eric Stanger 4 months ago

    The level of corruption is astounding. When is Congress going to fucking do something about it!

  • Sean Lurtz 4 months ago

    William Barr is the same attorney who covered up the Iran Contra scandal under Reagan. Let’s not listen to this partisan ball of fat.

  • RATES AND ROYALTY 4 months ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about rod rosenstein face throughout the entire press conference. He was either holding in a fart or was trying his damndest to not show expression or emotionally respond to Barr’s b.s.

  • Big Boss 4 months ago

    Legend has it if you hold the Mueller report up to your ear Little Stevie, you can hear Hillary losing again.

  • Anastasia Hey 4 months ago

    Did your show read the report or it was CIA prepared speaking points?

  • Geir Leirvik 4 months ago

    Trump behind Barr for now – maybe later – we will experience the B lower case and the rr ints rs

  • Dillinger Sam 4 months ago

    Great funny video
    Trump and his Klan are a bunch of criminals – they all are above the law 😀

  • A I 4 months ago

    I can’t get be charged with murder because my intent when I hit with the bottle was to make him faint, not to kill him.

  • syngon smythe 4 months ago

    I love America! (sarcasm). Every fucking nutjob can buy a gun, but you can’t show the middle finger on tv without being blured out ’cause, well I don’ t know why.

  • Sonya Gomez 4 months ago

    Basically, the bullies still winning

  • Niccolo Broomhall 4 months ago

    No, NO people! Barr said Trump is innocent so it must be FACT.

    To Quote Ancient Aliens: IT PROVES IT!!!!!

  • Onechill Braj 4 months ago

    showing pundits on mainstream news as if it is proof is a joke. the anchors on the channel’s aren’t even saying it. they need to pawn off the responsibility and potential blame onto their pundits lmfao

  • TheDaveman75 4 months ago

    Billy Bullshit is doing a great job for the Orange Turd


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