Cohen Exposes Trump’s Business Ties With Russia

Published on November 29, 2018

In confessing his own crimes, Michael Cohen has exposed potential wrongdoing by his former boss. Again.

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  • treylem3 1 year ago

    OMG help us.

  • Kersen Sour 1 year ago

    ??? hahaha what a day!

  • Jeffrey Thurnau 1 year ago

    Does Trump ever stay in Washington to do any work? It seems like everyday (every sunny day) he has chopper talk on the Whitehouse lawn. No wonder the US National debt keeps getting bigger under Trump. Hugh tax cuts for the rich and Trump traveling all the time. It’s a classic case of other people’s money.

  • earthatom7 1 year ago

    trumps biggest con is FINALLY unravelling… EXCEPT he can’t claim bankruptcy out of the office… But it would be AWESOME if he tried… LMAO

  • Data Masked 1 year ago

    Trump’s so fucked. Lol. This is the most comically incompetent criminal enterprise ever. They all walked right into it. Unbelievable.

  • Jinx Dragon 1 year ago

    Trump logic is just … so strange, head hurting strange, but that is why we can’t look away.
    Wonder if Trump ever realized his fame comes from people wondering how a man can be that stupid?
    If Cohen hadn’t been caught lying so blatantly to congress, he wouldn’t have a sentence to reduce!

  • Samszu 1 year ago

    Russian Agent Occupying White getting exposed!

  • We Are Venom 1 year ago

    It’s got pee pee in it lol

  • Debbie Henri 1 year ago

    If Trump rambles on like that through a court case, can you imagine how long it’ll take him to answer a question requiring a simple yes or no? I feel sorry for the judge and jury already!

  • BK-201 1 year ago

    4:15 trump started to sound like that “do you ever have a dream” kid

  • Solcitse 1 year ago

    Did anyone catch that? “Blah blah blah it was only an option, option, option, option, option, option, option, option, option, option, option, option. reframe till it sounds innocent, repeat until subliminal association down plays its severity, option, option, option, option, option, option, option, option”

    The sad part is, it works.

  • Journeystomake Alkebulan 1 year ago

    trumpy is an INFIDEL!

  • GG Gregory 1 year ago

    Can you remember when Stephen Colbert was funny? Neither can I . He is disgusting

  • Lucy Lu 1 year ago

    Trump supporters KNOW he colluded and KNOW he is not a good person but they JUST DON’T CARE. ?

  • Kory Marsh 1 year ago

    “Its got Pee Pee in it. I didn’t realize I was being subtle” Really gotta hit the crowd over the head eh Steven?

  • Bi Tran 1 year ago

    you muricans have the best reality tv plots evahh

  • Phil Lanager 1 year ago

    Godfather Trump lies about his lies all the time. If you believe anything he says you are a fool.

  • dj1200 1 year ago

    The truth is Trump’s Kryptonite, he’s shitting in his Depends diaper right now.

    Since pretty much everything the Toupee-in-Chief calls “Fake News” has been shown to be true, when is the GOP going be outraged?
    Remember the outrage about Obama’s brown suit? or when Obama had the nerve to drink an imported beer? or how about when the monster Obama ordered “fancy”mustard on his burger???

    But with Trump, no outrage yet? This the moral compass republicans are always talking about?
    The orange fuck-face needs to dragged out of the White House, and tosses into prison head first, asap. What’s the punishment for treason anyway?

  • John Di Francisco 1 year ago

    it’s got peepee in it =D

  • 6kchea ! 1 year ago

    I love Stephen so much


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