Close the Boyfriend Loophole | November 1, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on November 2, 2017

Surprise! A law preventing criminals from buying guns puts women at risk.

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  • Imoddest Oddish 3 years ago

    Hey, can we like, start listening to women now? Maybe?

  • savage t Aesthetic Knight 3 years ago

    Its sad, yo. I’m gonna be honest. I’m mostly chilling in the orient right now, so…idk if you read the news or anything…

    I feel like we need to have background checks maybe and some other stuff.

  • Tina M 3 years ago

    Yep! My daughter was almost murdered last year as he slammed he head repeatedly into the tile floor. He has his guns.

  • A Cool Million 3 years ago

    Arguably the best segment Bee has ever done BUT she fell short. trump IS a documented domestic violence batterer… and he’s emboldened by paying his way out of consequences and he’s got new targets with every spin of his head and guns? nope – Nukes. Catch on.

  • Slaytheday1 Echo 3 years ago

    Excellent coverage Sam B. You’re one of my heroes.

  • Alankar Joey 3 years ago

    We need a samantha bee and john oliver in every corner of the world

  • Govanmauler 3 years ago

    If you cant see that letting someone who beat their other half buy a gun is an issue then there is no hope left for you

  • CorryUnderPressure - 3 years ago

    God I hope that women like Sam will be able to change the world one day

  • C G 3 years ago

    Love you Sam. You’re a light in this horrible, horrible alternate timeline ❤️

  • Vigneshwaran Selvaraju 3 years ago

    My like-o-meter just burst! Awesome piece!

  • Freddy Travale 3 years ago


  • Heather Lynch-Fowler 3 years ago

    Wait….how can Scott Walker – Governor of Wisconsin – get a shout out for signing this legislation when Wisconsin still hasn’t passed the legislation? He’s been a terrible governor causing damage to every corner of this state. Don’t give him credit for something he didn’t even do.

  • Skyler Mclane 3 years ago


  • ryno 3 years ago

    45K gets you number 8 on trending? Seems rigged

  • Enlightened Doggo 3 years ago

    This is toxic. Most shooting victims are male suicides, precisely because people like her constantly try to shame men and push them into social isolation.

  • gjaddajg 3 years ago

    The domestic violence rate is higher in lesbian relationships than in heterosexual ones. Men are not the problem. Feminism is.

  • Making Life Less Boring 3 years ago

    I liked Samantha bee before this but she’s the reason feminists are called “man hating.” That’s not feminism it’s misandry.

  • Sometimes funny Kev 3 years ago

    65K views and on trending? Jewtube back at it again!

  • 12345grov 3 years ago

    Every now and then I run across a person sensible enough to make me question my own misanthropy. This chick is officially my new favorite human.

  • Dr. Snowman 3 years ago

    Ladies and gentleman, this ‘women’ is the first sexist comedian.


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