Clinton Answers Question: Will You Run For President Again?

Published on September 20, 2017

Speaking to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, the former Secretary of State settles any doubts about her intentions for 2020.

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  • Vetri PV 2 years ago

    On Paper Hillary is most qualified person to be a President, it’s almost like she created a checklist 20years ago and accomplish by checking that one by one, the problem is she don’t feel what the people want, she care only about herself, legacy, profits (Being the Part of Establishment).., it’s like Tim cook running Apple or Steve Ballmer running Microsoft. they ain’t Steve jobs or Gates… for people like her Bernie’s ideas are preposterous, she cannot understand the progressive approach. if you cannot understand that means it’s wrong. THANK GOD SHE WON”T RUN AGAIN and Please no more books

  • dominikel 2 years ago

    Clinton Answers Question: Will You Run For President Again?
    What’s in the video:
    1) Russian investigation and Trump legitimacy,
    2) UN speech,
    3) chardonnay bullshit.
    No answer to the question, not even asked.

  • ka92010rock 2 years ago

    Noooo!!!! GOD! No Noooo!! noo!!- Michael Scott’s voice.

  • JBanana 2 years ago

    So that we can Pokémon go to the polls, no thanks!

  • Sumi Xavier 2 years ago

    why didn’t Colbert ask her if she’ll join in Bernie’s Medicare for all plan, like in Bernie’s video, instead of blaming progressives.

  • Adrian Duran 2 years ago

    I can see why Clinton might have lost. Her solution to the North Korea problem sounded so boring.

  • LoboPreto 2 years ago

    First step to a better future: Impeach Trump
    But don’t replace him!

    I think this is the perfect time for the us to get rid of their presidential system and let the country be ruled by a high council of scientists who know what the fuck they are talking about and know how to tackle the given problems of nature and society.
    A council with specialists representative of every field and without any ties to the economy or donors.

    *Knowledge and empathy/compassion must rule, but moreover guide every people of this world!*

  • Christina Post 2 years ago

    That’s the Hillary we wanted! Screw candidate Hillary. I would have loved to be with HER!

  • Kishan rai 2 years ago

    Love to see colbert being personal cheerleader for Hillary ?

  • Bob M 2 years ago

    she should be focused on the health care bill or something but as usual she doesn’t actually give a shit about real people, just on her own self and book, way to distract democrats from the health care bill the republicans are trying to quickly squeeze past – just shows you what she really was after… instead of trying to fix anything or talk about daca or global warming or poverty or prisons etc etc she blames others when she is the worst candidate to ever run for president ever! Shows what kind of president she would have been. She should be ecstatic trump is so far incompetent and if he does ever regain his footing become it she may go down in the history books in the same way the great depression and the treaty of versailles were most critically remembered as the catalyst for hitler

  • Ross Kitson 2 years ago

    So much Reeeee in the comment section.

  • Brooke Davis 2 years ago

    Proud to have voted for her three times and worked on both her campaigns. But no, she’s not running again and that’s fine.

  • Abraham Lincoln 2 years ago

    Yeah please run.
    Trumpsters will be the happiest if you do. They get another term with the orange buffoon.

  • T Bergs 2 years ago

    Of course she’ll run again

  • Easynow 2 years ago

    Whatever you do do NOT mention bernie sanders

  • apeflac 2 years ago

    And If I remember correctly, there is a question you need ask her on behave of Sanders, and…… I watch the whole two segment, you didn’t do it

  • Cnith 2 years ago

    Even though I’m not against Hillary, it would be so stupid to run again for president, seeing that she couldn’t even beat an idiot like Trump.

  • Colerss92 2 years ago

    Did I just space out when she answered the question in the video title?

  • George Skanderbeg 2 years ago

    look at the libtard colbert kissing her ass fuck off

  • Alpha Tomasowa 2 years ago

    As an outsider, the problem is pretty clear – all throughout, you have one established politician running against a businessman without political qualifications.

    Every one can naturally find more examples of political flaws from the proven politician than they can a political novice whose businesses hardly affected anyone as much as his reality show, but that’s not to say said businessman is any better, especially with such lack of knowledge and experience.

    As with every political race in any country, the adage is better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.


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