Clint Eastwood Loved Jeff Daniels’ Performance In “Dumb and Dumber”

Published on September 14, 2021

Cinema legend Clint Eastwood was impressed with Jeff Daniels’ acting chops after seeing his comedic side in “Dumb and Dumber.” Catch Jeff in his new Showtime series, “American Rust,” and on Broadway this fall reprising his role in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” #Colbert #AmericanRust #JeffDaniels

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  • F. N. Lorter 2 years ago

    I really didn’t need to know that about Clint.

  • Cyn Hanrahan 2 years ago

    Jeff Daniels is on my Laminated List.

  • Tim Daugherty 2 years ago

    Here Jeff can be dumb and Colbert can be Perverter

  • India Alpha November 2 years ago

    So… did Clint Eastwood accidently take laxatives or shit in a broken toilet or both?

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Well.. even a guy who talks to chairs can make a good call once in a while, I guess.

  • Patrick Tilton 2 years ago

    It’d be great to see Jim Carrey or Bill Hader doing an impression of Clint Eastwood on the toilet after the turbo-lax kicks in: “A man’s . . . got . . . to know . . . his . . . limitationsss!” >FARTS ENSUE<

  • Soren Ingram 2 years ago

    It’s a Vote Is Meg Ryan or Jeff Daniels America’s Sweetheart ?
    or Jon Stewart or
    Lisa Simpson I vote L . S the S is for Saxophone and Smart

  • T&A Lake 2 years ago

    Jeff Daniel’s tell a great story.

  • Yuriel Cundangan 2 years ago

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of y’all agrees Daniel made our Day much composed:

  • Waryaa Wariiri 2 years ago

    I had such a tremendous respect for Clint until that talking to the ‘chair’ scene. I can’t even bear watching his movies now.

  • Allira 2 years ago

    You lost me at “I knew I’d made it when I worked for a child r@pist’


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