Cliff Sims Helped Curate Trump’s Enemies List

Published on January 29, 2019

Cliff Sims, author of the latest White House tell-all, ‘Team of Vipers,’ has seen everything from Donald Trump’s enemies list to Kellyanne Conway’s text messages.

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  • sprybug 9 months ago

    Did he really give credit to Trump for the economy, when it was the tail end of the Obama administration’s policies that did it? Nothing Trump did made the economy better. KNOCK IT OFF. Give credit where it is actually due.

  • Virginia B. Britton 9 months ago

    He reminds me of Carter Page. Yuck. Soul free anti christian( so called christian). He is disgusting.

  • roxanneworld11 9 months ago

    no…it just doesn’t work to have trumpers on this show – esp., when promoting a book..self-reflection? half-baked confessions? *please!*
    obviously this guy continues to align himself with trump ‘values.’…and he says let the reader decide what kind of person trump is?? but only after reading his book, of course.

    and what is it he does and doesn’t agree with trump about?? and then he just sat there and lied [true to bring a trump liver] saying trump had pulled the USA out of war theaters [good on stephen for – too politely – calling him out on that bu11sh¥t]. he only sounds just like a forever trumper! not someone who has regrets, as he claims..he’s obviously still a fan..disgusting to have him on as a guest.

    must be the hardest part of Stephen’s job: having to sit and talk with people like *THAT* because his contract gives him no choice..really gross..because what makes the executives think Colbert’s audience-at-large would ever buy this @ssh%les book??!! or even read it for free??!! 👎👎

  • byindani 9 months ago

    Colbert must have been short on guests.

  • Michael 마익흘 Aronson 9 months ago

    That explains why *Kellyanne* keeps getting invited back onto news shows.

    They give her a platform to fellate the president publicly, and she gives them dirt in private.

  • Atif Imran 9 months ago

    I think man enough to come out and told the truth , on top of every thing wants to make sure words are spreads wisely and let America decide their future for themselves and there generation !!

  • Voice Of Reason 9 months ago

    Everyone including CBS and Colbert is making money from the Trump Train!!! Choo Choo

  • J R 9 months ago

    Ah! He was chief liar & spin doctor.. Christian? God help us all

  • Kofi Akorli 9 months ago

    The way he said that ‘not good, Stephen, not good’ was eerily Trump-like.

  • M. Rodrigo Lemus 9 months ago

    Of course Bill Maher is No.1 on that list 😉

  • Tewodros Nigatu 9 months ago

    i hope one day a white house cook would leave and write a book entitled “encountering the president eating a burger in the white house kitchen”

  • Ricky Nardella 9 months ago

    Never heard the audience so quiet when a guest walks out

  • M. Rodrigo Lemus 9 months ago

    I hope one day a white house cook would make a “the help” kind of pie just for Donald Trump 😆

  • Patsy 9 months ago

    Why are we giving time to scorned henchmen & women? They supported & aided an evil administration but when their time is inevitably up, here comes the tell-all tour because suddenly they have morals. Boy, bye.

  • mercedes gomez 9 months ago

    Ok, I hate this guy, he’s definitely as ignorant as Trump when it comes to the origin & purpose of all the organizations we belong to.
    I wish Stephen had asked more questions regarding the policies he supported to show his “Christian” side.

  • jean63 9 months ago

    Sorry!!! Glad he has put spotlight on the idiots in WH, but how can a committed christian work for someone so un-christian…….really

  • zizinnnn 9 months ago

    still a rat with a rat face

  • Ade S 9 months ago

    Wash that hand Stephen

  • Evan Hayford 9 months ago

    Trump sucks!


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