Christopher Walken Paints Over A Banksy In Season Two Of “The Outlaws” – Stephen Merchant

Published on July 28, 2022

Comedian and actor Stephen Merchant recruited the artist Banksy to contribute original artwork for the second season of his comedy series, “The Outlaws,” only to have it intentionally destroyed by Christopher Walken. Watch the second season of, “The Outlaws,” when it premieres August 5th on Prime Video. #Colbert #TheOutlaws #StephenMerchant

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  • Julia Connell 1 year ago

    what’s that Stephen “created a British version of The Office” – _created_ a British *version* of the Office ?????? you do know the British ‘The Office’ was FIRST right? that (like so many many other shows) the USA created a show based on a British show. (& no, I’m not British – I’m from Aotearoa/New Zealand – we get the best of British AND the USA – and I thought this was common knowledge in the states) (oh and was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant – not a great fan of Ricky – but he is due his credit)

  • Sig2423 1 year ago

    He’s in the movie table 19 which I just loved.

  • Catherine Grillos 1 year ago

    Didn’t know much about Steven Merchant before this, thank you. He’s very clever and the Banksy bit blew my mind in every direction and maybe even interdimensionaly

  • steve conn 1 year ago

    Mom knew Walken at their performing arts HS Professional Children’s School (when he was ‘Ronnie’). Glad he’s still involved in things. Still like him in The Dead Zone.

  • Willow Slough DX 1 year ago

    Well, don’t joke him about height.

  • Stephen James 1 year ago

    Stephen vs. Steven is universal.

  • Jessica M. 1 year ago

    Nana NOOOO!!! lol

  • Mike Timbers 1 year ago

    He didn’t co-create the “British version of the Office”. He co-created the Office. Period.

  • William Jones 1 year ago

    Do you all recognize Stephen Merchant? He was briefly Amy Farah Fowler’s love interest in The Big Bang Theory who was infatuated with her because she knew and had kissed Dr Dr Sheldon Cooper. He was a Cooper Groupie.

  • Maggaloopy 1 year ago

    He has a West of England accent. Same as me. He’s from Bristol, I am from 20 miles away

  • Paul Jackson 1 year ago

    Hmm – slightly strange: in the UK, Walken paints over the Banksy in the LAST episode of Season ONE!

  • AV S 1 year ago

    Stephen Merchant is one funny guy and one of the cleverest and quickest minds in the business. Favorite Norm MacDonald podcast was with Stephen as they match wits like they’re doing a proper tango. Fan of Hello Ladies (why only one season?) and Rick/Carl/Stephen radio. Have watched Outlaws season 1 three times now and excited for season 2. Fantastic! And Chris Walken come on..Perfection!! Cheers Stephen

  • Aljoscha Long 1 year ago

    In Guangzhou there was recently, until 3 y ago a store for big sizes; it’s name was “Fat People Store”.

  • Sarah Hall 1 year ago

    How Kool! Everything Merchant does turns Gold!!!

  • VieenRennes 1 year ago

    Such a fantastic concept; can’t wait to check out this show!!


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