Christopher Krebs Debunks The President’s Lies About Election Fraud

Published on December 4, 2020

Former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs, was publicly fired by the president on Twitter for declaring the presidential election secure. He sits down with Stephen to discuss the need for Republican leaders to stand up for American democracy, and to debunk some of the lies the president is spreading about election fraud. #Colbert #Krebs #ChristopherKrebs

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  • hendrick parks 1 year ago

    Paper ballots was at the forefront of Gore v. Bush.

  • Tayte Holley 1 year ago

    Not sure this is already in place but perhaps create a date and time stamp in the voter count machines (like they have in cameras). Make sure it can’t be tampered with. When it needs to be changed/repaired only high management w/key can do this; however, machine should automatically log the change and show who made it; just a thought.

  • Sam Downer 1 year ago

    did anyone notice that he made a fundamental mistake. He said that Iran didn’t send the proud boys emails? Watch it again and listen.

  • Richard Sansbury 1 year ago

    Got 2 prosecute those that attack and threatening people’s lives. For some reason Americans are reluctant to hold these people accountable.

  • Brian Lacy 1 year ago

    HOW CAN ONE be a life long gop and not feel shame??

  • Thisisanya 1 year ago

    You should be ashamed 🙈

  • Annette Hadley 1 year ago

    Krebs today… Barr tomorrow !

  • meetpoorfor crowinsfo 1 year ago

    Sorry Stephen, the “zombie” joke felll flat on its face. It actually “is” possible to go too far and it’s embarrassing when you forget that it is…….

  • Nikola Howard 1 year ago

    Paper based is the way to reduce fraud.

    I suspect that we in the UK will never go “electronic” – it’s simply not secure.

    Yes, it’s inconvenient. As Krebs says, KISS.

  • Chac Schao 1 year ago

    Damn, a decent republican! Didn’t know those exist anymore.

  • Sinistral 1 year ago

    Mr Krebs wins beige-ist background award. 🏆

  • DJ North 1 year ago

    Mr. Krebs is a hero. There’s too many Republicans who side with the lunacy of Trump simply for the Reb party’s sake. Yes men and women who still support the lies need to face the music after Jan 20th.

  • scifiknut 1 year ago

    “Debunk” Trump down into the White House bunker and lock him up.

  • Irene Gavenlock 1 year ago

    Mr Krebs said the truth therefore it stands to “trump’slogic”: that Mr Krebs should be fired. Says a lot About the “leader” of the American nation!

  • Andrew Scott 1 year ago

    Oh my god, when he said that we need to increase civic education in k-12 he won me over instantly. I’ve said forever that American education is lacking in may areas, and we should be doing more to educate students in real-life matters. History, Civics, Economics, Government & Health are all areas of education that we need to put more work into.

  • liberty Ann 1 year ago

    Biden must reinstate him!

  • david clark 1 year ago

    Letter to the Morning Call: Editors, remember what I said in 2018, “A malignant narcissist does not go down alone they take everyone down with them. When I worked for the Wiley House, that became Kids Peace, I was a casework supervisor and it was my responsibility whenever a psychiatrist diagnosed a child with narcissism to come up with a treatment plan. My research into narcissism is beyond that of many in politics and am able to make statements on their behaviors. I on my own diagnosed trump with the psychiatric disability long before others which led me to make the prescient statement I made. We are not talking about a borderline case, we are talking about malignant narcissism. If you recall 200 psychiatrists in this country agreed on the diagnosis but are ignored because Trump was elected president. This remind me of one of the first things I learned in psychology from a professor Dubin: To determine if a person is insane it comes down to support. if someone says they are Jesus Christ and no one believe the person they are considered mentally disturbed and possibly put under care. If another person says it and has a sizable following nothing is done by authorities. In Trumps case he was elected president so 100 years of psychiatric advances in the understanding of mental llness is thrown out the window or bypassed. This brings me to my biggest concern. I have believed from the beginning that Trump was groomed by Russia with money and praise to be president and do what they want. That does not change who Trump is, a narcissist who built up a phony reputation of a successful business man even though everything he ever did was crooked and included free money from others. He has an ego that cannot handle losing and needs to do something to remain in power. The election fraud game is going nowhere so the rat needs to strike somewhere else to remain in power and that could, I say could be going to war with China because Trump loves blaming China for the virus that killed his presidency. It is a concern to me that Russia would like it if trump went to war with china because in the end Russia would emerge fully armed and possibly the dominant power. Keep in mind this is speculative but the truth is Russia would benefit so why wouldn’t Russia push something they would benefit by and it would keep their president in office.
    What I am asking the editors is to share this with people who are important and can make sure Trump doesn’t make this move. that is all I am asking. David Clark

  • Prior of the Ori 1 year ago

    If you have to say “Yeah, im a republican. Im not ashamed of that.” Then clearly your struggling with your own politics. Don’t be ashamed of what you believe in if it leans conservative in economy and policy. there isn’t anything wrong with that, the debate is which ideology is currently better. Sometimes we’ll get it wrong, sometimes we’ll get it right. But that is the boon of democracy. It allows us the chance to shift and adapt. Authoritarians only function with one ideology and always inevitably end in an uprising. And that is where Trump came in trying to twist it all into a dictatorship. Probably as an attempt to outshine other authoritarians hes so cozy with and now he doesn’t like he isn’t going to get his own country. What an idiot.

  • Verum illic 1 year ago

    “Civic education back on the books” for K-12 AND adults. PLEASE. Something is terribly wrong when my school children are more qualified to govern than the person occupying the White House for the last four years. The same will be true for those new representatives in Congress who freaking believe in QAnon! We need to elect more Katie Porters, not Marjorie Taylor Greenes.

  • Dave Vern 1 year ago

    A good man


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