Christie Says 2020 Biden Is “Dead,” Rubio Calls Biden Agenda “Marxism”: A Closer Look

Published on October 4, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at progressive Democrats staging a collective show of force against the two Senate moderates holding up President Biden’s agenda.

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  • KaylaDawn 11 months ago

    They’re going to pay for do you love me but not Hammertime!?

  • Kevin Kinver 11 months ago

    That part of the video where you try to quit before Seth says the words “God’s love we deliver”. It bugs me there’s a religious aspect to A Closer Look.

  • Pumpernickel 11 months ago

    please do your best to keep this tone and pacing even with the return of
    audiences :`(

  • jackie pollard 11 months ago

    Isn’t that when parenting should kick in?!?! What a sheepdip!

  • Diane Dobry 11 months ago

    2 weeks was an eternity when TFG had drama daily.

  • jb888888888 11 months ago

    I want to know how much the clip of “Do You Love Me” cost. And I want the currency cited in “U Can’t Touch This” _duns._

  • Elizabeth Ellis 11 months ago

    How long will people fall for the communist boogeyman whenever someone talks about social programs that would help the majority of people?

  • Zealotes the Aussie 11 months ago

    Good grief! Roads, bridges, rangers, fire dept., police, schools and the military are free to us? How did that happen in a capitalist country?

  • ArrPeeGeefan 11 months ago

    I love that the pro-life party is ticked off about free lunch for CHILDREN.

    I don’t understand how someone can be SO STUPID that they vote against their own interests because the rich people are like “Oh if you do that, you’re baaaad!” — because THEY don’t want to pay THEIR fair share.

  • Bernie 11 months ago

    Why is it okay to give rich people handouts in tax cuts and not poor people? One is grossly unfair, but is called “capitalism” and it’s supposed to be good for everyone, some kind of “trickle down” economics – and the other is called “socialism”. But get this – It’s what the majority of Americans want now – a country where no one starves, where the super-wealthy share the wealth they most probably stole in the first place. The Republican Party is about to lose America.

  • chochise geronimo 11 months ago

    Trump has promised to get rid of corruption, but actually he used this to enhace his hold onto power. That how he gets the republicans echelons/ doj/fbi/dhs etc to dance to his music. Once he get his foothold on the presidency a dictator is born. The citizens should never let him win.

  • Scott Klingaman 11 months ago

    at 12:40 is that Seth doing the Rudy?

  • Ivy Bee 11 months ago

    At this point I wish the nutty conspiracy theory that there’s an off button for Biden was actually true….. otherwise he’s going to keep giving the crazies ideas that he’s signaling to the devil that his adrenachrome spit bucket is full and ready for pickup. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄😒

  • midknight 11 months ago

    Republicans complaining about Biden are like a thief who returns to the scene of the crime and admonishes the police for not preventing the theft

  • Alpha Male 11 months ago

    Its funny how Democrats act so confident when their Heroes are people like Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon.

  • wetracy 11 months ago

    Wow, Christie is really fat!!!

  • Rafterman 11 months ago

    I hope joe munchkins boat sinks like a turd

  • S. Z. 11 months ago

    Tom Brady is the GOAT

  • F D Shands 11 months ago

    So you’re telling me that Rumson, NJ in the 1960s and 70s was a Marxist state because we got lunch in school?


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