Christiane Amanpour on Refusing to Wear Headscarf For Iran’s President | The Daily Show

Published on September 26, 2022

“I was not in that moment, as a journalist or a woman, going to put a headscarf on and somehow bind myself.” CNN Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour discusses the recent protests in Iran following the death of a 22-year-old woman who was detained by the morality police for showing her hair, the qualms Iranian women have with the government and how the people of Iran want a democracy. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • ST 1 year ago

    By coincidence her last name Amanpour in Farsi means brave root.

  • Butch Ooo 1 year ago

    bring Masih Alinejad on the show.she’s our voice.she knows the situation in iran better. PLEASE BE OUR VOICE

  • Evil Fighter 1 year ago

    Amanpour should also address this discourse to the left-wing and liberal Western governments who allow veiled Muslim women to be representatives in parliaments to demonstrate Muslim participation in politics and public life. Western countries promote the concept of hijab as well as the concept of Islamophobia.

  • Fatemeh Mokhtari 1 year ago

    Thank u for being our voice! plz don’t forget us

  • Bijan Eftekhari 1 year ago

    you are so respected in Iran and around world , and we proud of you to standup
    to that person( dirt bag) uneducated , and criminal.
    We love you Miss Amanpour.

  • Jagath Wickramasekara 1 year ago

    Christiane Amanpour … wondaful ….!!!!!

  • Deborah Godley 1 year ago

    Love her! She is a force!!!!

  • Ila Hilda Sissac 1 year ago

    She is part Iranian on her dad’s side. That had to be so weird for her regarding the president’s reaction.

  • Mo Khera 1 year ago

    Would have been fun to see the reaction had she worn a transparent scarf and removed it during the course of her interview.

  • Michael Allen 1 year ago

    I’m sure the Iranian leader could care less about doing an interview with this lady.

  • Nikola Tesla 1 year ago


  • ~subashini 1 year ago

    I thought the “morality police” was a joke, I don’t think it is….?

  • Tammie Pulley 1 year ago

    Christine is so great. Please have her back if possible.

  • Kasra M 1 year ago

    He can’t even tell women in Iran what to do no more.

  • CAPE 28 1 year ago

    One sided biased views. Full rights for what, Islamophobia in the west


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