Chrissy Metz Totally Named This Is Us

Published on September 21, 2019

Chrissy Metz explains how YouTube helped her jet ski experience in Turks and Caicos and why she’s convinced she was the inspiration for the name of her hit series This Is Us.

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  • J J 3 years ago

    I feel so sorry for this person. I’ve never seen the show, but couldn’t overlook this thumbnail. Just wow, I am an extremely obese person, it is by far the worst thing I can imagine, I without a doubt wish I had any other disease and be skinny. Anyone this fat that tells you they are happy, is bullshit, and in denial. I suffer from anxiety/depression and narcolepsy, i’m literally too tired to care what happens to me, and it has led me to this whale of a body. But I have no money, and no support, so hard to get real help, most people just give lip service. There is absolutely no reason why this actress should still be this obese, after being on a hit show for how long, she has everything at her disposal to make the change and fix herself, it pisses me off.

  • Sez B 3 years ago

    Hate how loads of comments are saying she is a ‘nice person’. Truth is: You don’t get to be that big without an ample dose of narcassicm and self delusion in your personality.

    She reminds me of every “big fat friend” I’ve ever been cockblocked by when approaching a hot girl in a bar. Sassy, acerbic, unduly self confident, abrasive when argued, trying to hide a chip on her shoulder etc. Repugnant, inside and out. Maybe there’s a hint of shame deep in there somewhere beneath the surface but that shame is often quickly quashed by her ‘remind’ herself how she is “more fun” or “smarter” or “a better person” than “some skinny bitch”.

    You all need to stop making excuses for her. Quit with all this “OMG SLAY QUEEN” shit. Your degenerate fat-acceptance will contribute to this woman finding herself in an early grave; along with all those other morbidly obese girls she ‘inspires’ (and by inspires, I mean “convinces to put off dieting for another 6 months because ‘HEY I’M NOT THAT BIG I’M FINE’)

  • Salima Kanji-Bell 3 years ago

    Best show ever…people need to stop criticizing her about her weight…she is a real person with real feelings, words can hurt people:(

  • LP IMPARADA 3 years ago

    Im “GLAD” she looks good in that shirt

  • F YM 3 years ago

    I want her to do Eww!

  • Nicolas Charly 3 years ago

    It’s practical, she doesn’t need a table.

  • jaebum's broad shoulders 3 years ago

    *Just because you can see she is overweight it doesn’t mean you have a say on it, so shut it and go home*

  • Jamie Smith 3 years ago

    Why has she not lost weight? I mean she has alot of money

  • sander Gomten 3 years ago

    She is like a moon, but looks human

  • Игорь Олянецкий 3 years ago

    Check this awqsome music

  • W K 3 years ago

    Anyone who let themselves go to become a landwhale shouldnt be alive… what an abomination..yuk!!….. this shit doesnt have any self respect

  • Strabunitz 3 years ago

    she kinda looks like a balloon:) no offence..

  • yz450fyamaha1 3 years ago

    So fuckin fat

  • Chris M 3 years ago

    Whale sighted. Man the harpoons!!!

  • J Ygb 3 years ago

    Damn she is fat as shit

  • E Rad 3 years ago

    Dead by 50.

  • 85nikki96 3 years ago

    She is beautiful and has a great personality but am very worried about her health.

  • Jay 3 years ago

    “That’s no moon”

    No, it’s a leading cause of premature death. But apparently it’s also brave and beautiful.

  • Andrew Smith 3 years ago

    thats a ‘ugggeeeee bitch

  • liv faye 3 years ago

    She is the BEST i bet she is a talk show host’s dream she is so charming and funny and the besssst storyteller


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