Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities To Engage With George Floyd’s Family And Black Leaders

Published on June 10, 2020

The “Fox News Sunday” anchor talks to Stephen Colbert about President Trump’s inherently divisive nature and why he’s ill equipped to bring the country together. Chris Wallace is the author of a new book titled, “Countdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the 116 Days that Changed the World.” #StephenAtHome #ChrisWallace #FoxNews

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  • Ricky 2 years ago

    Why Colbert? Why do you put on someone you know will not tell the truth?

  • Wrarrior Class 2 years ago

    Trump is right about fox news

  • Anakiana 2 years ago

    Regardless of the actual content of what they say these two are on opposite sides of so many spectrums and have so many opposing (and mutually exclusive) views and can still have a civilised conversation. Something that one would expect is a prerequisite for journalists, talkshow hosts, politicians and the likes – it should really be the standard for everyone, regular people in a private cpacity included, imo – and yet here we are and it’s a very rare thing to happen. Which in return is a very sad thing.

  • Rick Ç137 2 years ago

    Let’s ask a over privileged white guys opinion… talk to John Baptist more & please stop using him like ur token black guy

  • Vidhya Ritchie 2 years ago

    Sad sad souls!

  • Asti Upiastirin 2 years ago

    Trump doesn’t care cos he is going to be reelected anyway…

  • Phillip Allen 2 years ago

    I did not realize that people with opposing points of view could still have civil discussions. Congress should have been taking notes. I would say Trump should take notes, but he is beyond a lost cause.

  • Richard Hall 2 years ago

    I really like Chris Wallace, I may not agree with all his opinions, but he’s probably one of the most balanced journalists on network news.

  • Aaa Bbb 2 years ago

    Colonialism is not fare !!! Or being theaf

  • RaymondKym Suttle 2 years ago

    They look like brothers. Or at least cousins.

  • Russpng 2 years ago

    Look, considering the insane world Chris Wallace must live in at Fuk News, I think he is an island of sanity. Sure, he gives reserved opinions, but compared to the meatballs around him, he does actually come across as a normal person. Just imagine if all of Fuk News reporters and “commentators” were like Chris? I doubt the Mushroom-Dik-in-Chief would even be in power?

  • Welcomes to Kayes Nation 2 years ago

    The only reasonable person on fox news

  • gjsterp 2 years ago

    The Generals would have my support of a Military Coup in this country.
    Of course they would have to deal with the armed people who support Trump, but I suspect Trump would have NO problem cancelling the Constitution and declaring himself President for Life.

  • PhoenixKnight 2 years ago

    Stephen: takes a sip… Nooo i dont hate ya man!…. – proceeds to go to commercials

  • Charles1er Smeyers 2 years ago

    It should be title countdown 1994. VOTE!

  • Ronnie W 2 years ago

    Ha ha haaa…
    ” Trump unplugged “, from what ?
    His advisors or reality ?

  • paul walker 2 years ago

    People say that Wallace is a real journalist…well if he was honest he would investigate Fox for tow minutes, discover that it has little to do with journalism and find a job at another right-wing media outlet that was more concerned about reportage and some degree of truth.

  • James McClure 2 years ago

    TRUMP: “I’m the president of Law & Order”….we wish he was one that knew right from wrong.

  • Mats K 2 years ago

    Wallace: “That’s your view.”
    Colbert: “No! That is what happened!”
    Yeah, I wonder why Wallace sometimes gets boed…

  • Murtaza Bijani 2 years ago

    “Protestors and needlessly-militant police, good people on both sides!!”


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