Chris Hemsworth Shares EXCLUSIVE Thor: Ragnarok Clip

Published on October 11, 2017

Chris brings a never-before-seen clip from his new movie Thor: Ragnarok, and he talks about improvising in the film, working with Jeff Goldblum, and reveals how he helped out Sir Anthony Hopkins.

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  • Lokal 1 year ago

    You legend Taika!

  • Moonie iLLmatic 1 year ago

    “Oh my God….the hammer pulled you off???” Lmao

  • Hannah Wareing 1 year ago

    Taika always knows how to do a good cameo

  • ppPorkchopZzz 1 year ago

    Is the rock guy Islander???

  • Markez Films 1 year ago

    Wow cant wait to see this movie

  • Zak Unsworth 1 year ago

    Eyy, an Aussie and New Zealander, but where are the kangaroos and sheep?

  • FIONAFINKS 1 year ago

    wait was that clip a spoof? or is it really from the movie? that cant be real right? So weird.
    If its real, whats with the voice for whoever the other character is…is he still waiting for his voice to break? or is it a female character?
    it its real its horrible

  • Simon Nylund 1 year ago

    That voice does not fit the look of that character..

  • Phil Cooper 1 year ago

    This is clearly a Taika Wattiti film. So glad it looks like Marvel gave him a ton of creative freedom.

  • Jon doe 1 year ago

    This is going to be funny😂😂😂

  • ÆSTHETIC Films 1 year ago

    I think taika and chris are in an intense bromance rn

  • Pete Mchale 1 year ago

    thats *korg* (?) voice tho
    *oh my god* the hammer pulled you off?

  • GOD 1 year ago

    This movie looks really Cheesy and bad with normal sitcom MCU humour, I might skip this one

  • Dat Boi 1 year ago

    Gotta be honest, my interest in this movie is at 0%. It’s called Ragnarok, Ragnarok is not an event that you make a comedy movie on, I’m sorry Marvel, you don’t have me with this one. I don’t want to see a comedy movie everytime i go to one of your movies, especially not one that is supposed to be about Ragnarok.

  • John Smith 1 year ago

    Know that damn director would mess up the movie

  • Zainuba Ali 1 year ago

    That New Zealand accent 😂😂😭

  • jackeysmith19 1 year ago

    HAHAH I love Taika hes being so extra with his kiwi accent

  • Branko Brankovic 1 year ago

    this movie alone will be better than justice league

  • thsscapi 1 year ago

    I was not expecting that voice from that rock guy.


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