Chris Hayes: Trump’s “Enemy Of The People” Rhetoric Has Put The Press In Danger

Published on June 2, 2020

The anchor of “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC fears that President Trump’s repeated demonization of the media has led to a notable increase in hostile treatment of reporters by law enforcement. #StephenAtHome #AllIn #ChrisHayes

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  • Hammed Mousavi 3 years ago

    I don’t see the point of blaming everything on Trump. Also the right and left game is not the answer. The left are made up of celebrities, corrupt politicians, rich and corrupt billionaires, and they are the defenders of the premise that if someone has more its because they are more capable. Ok, the black are subjected to injustice, but so are working class.
    The right wing similarly defends the rich and the powerful and hides behind other mottos and throws certain naive ppl red meat. My concern is Americans have forgotten that they’ve got caught up in the game of left and right and the media, and forgot about the weaker class, be it black, white, women, men etc. Americans have been dumbed down, they’d rather die in poverty than see their celebrities sad, and also aggrssively defend the system they are in. I wouldn’t expect anything more from a country that has Kim Kardashian for its hero.

  • Nibblers nuts 3 years ago

    Maybe if they didn’t lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians, people might listen. Same crap under Obama the hate needs to be focused on the rich and powerful. Police only are allowed to do this because of the rich and powerful. Wasting time and effort unless you March on Wall Street, they own you!

  • Catherine Rosengren 3 years ago

    Limp reality =the Donald. That’s perfect. Thx Chris

  • Nadia K 3 years ago

    Why does Chris Hayes look like Arnab Goswami?? O.o (Thank god he doesn’t sound like him!)

  • Garry Ramsay 3 years ago

    Colbert is a enemy to the people constantly telling lies costing people there life’s with his lies Colbert you are a funny guy but you lie all the time to get to money it’s all about the money with u forget how menny life destroy along the way and talk about ANTIFA ya prick

  • Dude Lebowski 3 years ago

    Trump just generates hate and is evil

  • Chris 3 years ago

    We have a Toxic and Rogue Police Force! The kind you have in 3rd World Countries! 45th is El Chapo! Then the Illiterate Criminal Police Force!!!! Theirs No difference! Only a few Good!!!

  • The Church of Silly Beggars 3 years ago

    Love from up here in Canada.
    I’m certain our archives still have the plans from when we burned down your White House.
    If you need me to find them…let me know?

  • Mark Stevens 3 years ago

    Your country is on the brink and your president is pushing you closer to the edge.

  • L A 3 years ago

    If you don’t live in America,

    I envy you

  • Matthew Jopling 3 years ago

    I honestly have a lot of time for Stephen Colbert.. he’s a great host and I enjoy his work on the late show! Keep up the good work Stephen, John Batiste, Jim and all the staff 👍🙏🇺🇸

  • Jason B. 3 years ago

    Chris Hayes looks like a young transgender Karl Rove aka HAM

  • aikanae1 3 years ago

    Not outstanding when msnbc doesn’t want anyone to watch their shows.

  • Rob Van Gessel 3 years ago

    Russia – whose system is controlled by the Russian mafia, the billionaire oligarchs, shepherded by former KGB drone, Putin – has long targeted journalists who try investigating white collar crimes, often murdering them. Trump, having been mentored by Putin in the course of their business ties, has pushed our own country closer to Russia’s way of doing things more than any figure in DC history. Not being used to overt fascism at the Federal level, Americans have been slow in recognizing this, but it should be obvious to enough of them now to know that if we don’t stop Trump at this point, we’re going to turn into Russia.

  • David J 3 years ago

    Yesterday America watched in horror and disbelief, as Trump stood in front of a church, fumbling with a bible like it was a hot potato, and looking like a lost deranged inmate who recently escaped from an insane asylum. He then forced his other fellow inmates to pose with him in a group photo-op to commemorate their daring escape from a mental institution for the criminally insane.

  • long nose 3 years ago

    Would you be honest you wouldnt have those Problems! Its the fault of the fake press

  • LordKellthe1st 3 years ago

    Fox news disabled all comments, spread the word folks, they are trying to silence the people

  • Chas Jette 3 years ago

    That one reporter lady got an eye shot out. In so many videos I’ve seen the police line up their shots at the press. Eye for an eye takes over and justice will be very blind very quick and life gets harder for us all.

  • Colleen Kelly 3 years ago

    Australia has lodged an Official Complaint with the embassy for our Channel 7 reporters being bashed for your wanker President to walk across the damned road. HOW DARE YOU TREAT INTERNATIONAL PRESS LIKE THAT!

  • casim 3 years ago

    It appears now, and even more with each passing day and hour, that America is on an inexorable trajectory, downwards. We knew this in 2017. And the UK is not far behind. Contain, isolate, control, expunge.


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