Chris Hayes Thinks Barring Trump from Public Office Is a No-Brainer

Published on January 21, 2021

Chris Hayes talks about Kamala Harris’ historical accomplishment, explains the consequences of Donald Trump’s impeachment and reacts to Leslie Jones watching his show on MSNBC.

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  • Renee McLane 3 years ago

    I still have serious concerns about this right winger movement…. Never underestimate the STUPIDITY OF THE MASSES.

  • Sophie Jameson 3 years ago

    Saying how great it is to have a woman VP… And yet as from today in the USA being a woman is no more than an identity, a state of mind. So Biden could identify as a woman tomorrow and be just as much a woman as Harris. Of course transgender people should be safe from discrimination in employment or housing but sex is real and sex-based rights matter.

  • Citizen 420 3 years ago

    I’ve really come to like Chris Hayes

  • Connie Whittington 3 years ago

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Caroline Jones 3 years ago

    Barring Trump from public service is a no brainers but some Republicans, with all that they have seen would still say like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, he’s not that bad. How can anyone not see Trump and know that he’s not what Americans needs or want. Jan 6th is definitely different and a difficult thing to watch, it’s very hard to grapple with. Our democracy was truly shaken, brought to it’s knees and we had a front row seat to the madness and tyrannical movement.

  • razzmatazz363 3 years ago

    newbie question – who are they referring to when mentioning the potential candidate with a youtube channel named after a dessert? (try not to laugh, please)

  • Lesley Edgley 3 years ago

    Beware of Tom Cotton. Ultra right-wing, with a brain. That is why he didn’t join Cruz et al. He wants to be President someday. A VERY bad hombre.

  • lori Nelson 3 years ago

    That was excellent chit chat learned me a thing ir two lol leslie is so cute i am alot like her shes fiery… but her tan is much richer …

  • Moira Rose 3 years ago

    He definitely should not be allowed to run for office ever again. But this social media de-platforming is a slippery slope. I don’t agree with Trump but I do believe that he has a right to say whatever he wants. The first amendment guarantees free speech, whether I agree with it or not. It’s part if the deal.

  • The Esperanza Compromise By Jason Daniel Baker 3 years ago

    It is more likely that Trump will bring back the Apprentice but make it
    about grooming young far-right politicians and giving them a platform
    and fanbase before the run for his Patriot Party. He might have it on
    his own propaganda channel. If that doesn’t scare you it should.

  • Kdnqoy Ndwuvd 3 years ago

    The abusive backbone modestly tumble because music microregionally flash amongst a big maria. conscious, endurable road

  • Sister Snake 3 years ago

    It always goes back to McConnell. .He needs to save his own soul and soul of this country.

  • Corey Lewis 3 years ago

    It’s funny how hollywood/media and the corrupt left work so well together. They dont even try to hide it well. You will see the Patriots and Trump will have the last laugh.

  • Corey Lewis 3 years ago

    Impeachment joe!

  • H F 3 years ago

    Question is If Trump sais do that and I will chair and create the patriot party, would McConnell do it? Because then it’s definetly possible to read that as a choice between holding office, party and the action he probably belives would be techniqually right.

  • Annie 3 years ago

    Trump was proof that being ignorant and profoundly uneducated could still land you in the WH as long as you’re wealthy and willing to commit crimes to empower GOP!


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