Chris Hayes on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and Trump’s Political Future

Published on March 8, 2022

Chris Hayes talks about celebrating the ninth anniversary of his show, how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is negatively impacting the rest of the world and Trump’s political future.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Jeff Boerst 2 years ago

    Chris has gained some weight…

  • Andrea C 2 years ago

    A good conversation every time. Just make up reasons to have him back.

  • argella1300 2 years ago

    9:16 clearly Chris Hayes has never encountered afrofuturism or solar punk

  • Almerindo Naval 2 years ago

    Yeah, bomb brown and black countries all you want. But don’t attack white people. It will be bad for everyone. We will halt the entire world economy.

  • Jacob Harvill 2 years ago

    Chris hayes I think you and Seth are right

  • Lara Palma 2 years ago

    And just as I was liking him he says American democracy is one of the greatest stories of our time.



  • Tamarra Netzloff 2 years ago

    I love Seth and Chris Time!!!

  • ivan terrible 2 years ago

    That “Blade Runner ” has gone from dystopian to merely topian is perhaps the most disturbing realization I’ve had this year.

  • Lara Palma 2 years ago

    And… Baseball


  • 845835ab 2 years ago

    Thanks to the utter incompetence of Democrats Trump has a clear path back to The White House.

  • -- 2 years ago

    I think Chris Hayes is great but he needs to lose some weight. You’re on camera every night bro.

  • Delana Taylor Online 2 years ago

    So nobody in the world wants it but one person…so one person is holding the world hostage and the world still won’t get off its knees and put that one person in the ground once and for all?

    This is why we deserve everything we get and get everything we deserve.

  • Lizzie 2 years ago

    We definitely are to keep reminding people how terrible president Trump WAS until nobody can undermine our democracy any more.God bless Biden and USA

  • June Abfalter 2 years ago

    Liberals are alike they only see one side and blame it on President trump. Green green green. AOC chucky Nancy Nancy Johnny. Liberals you’re all like. Walk around with your head up here. Come

  • Wolfatadoor 2 years ago

    If trump is allowed to run as the fucking president again this country is officially irrevocably damaged.


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