Chris Hayes Explains Why the Republican Tax Cut Doesn’t Add Up

Published on November 17, 2017

Chris Hayes explains why the GOP’s math for their controversial tax cut doesn’t add up, and he discusses the mounting sexual assault allegations rocking the halls of Congress.

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  • Lakshyank Solanki 11 months ago

    2nd view…

  • Anders Raben Hansen 11 months ago

    $30000 a day political shill. Calling him a reporter or news-anchor is a discredit to whatever is rest of American journalistic integrity.

  • Mr. V 11 months ago

    We’ve tried TRICKLE DOWN TWICE…and it failed TWICE. What makes them think it will work now? THEY DON’T. It’s just more money for the ultra rich 1%. THAT IS ALL. (And the DOW is an indicator of big wealthy corporations, not how well middle class economy is doing).

  • Kevin Cruz 11 months ago

    Night is always darkest just before the dawn…lets just hope it’s a really fucking bright dawn

  • Green Cunt 11 months ago


  • danial tahir 11 months ago

    Bullshit is the new normal.

  • tenacious645 11 months ago

    Aren’t rich assholes already recording record profits? Everyone else’s wages are stagnating. This trickle down idea is only believed by the dumbest Americans.

  • tenacious645 11 months ago

    Donner maintenance sounds like legal bribery. Sounds like democracy is bought and paid for and unless you’re mega wealthy you own none of it. They wonder why Americans are fucking jaded about voting. The only voting that works is with money.

  • freekysaphira 11 months ago

    Just a thought… How about maybe having a woman comment on all those sexual harrassment claims? Like one of these feminist writers Mr. Hayes is mentioning? I mean I’m glad to hear so many men speak out in defence of the women accusers, but wouldn’t it be appropriate to hear from women, who often find themselves at the receiving end of harrassment?
    Again, just a thought…

  • New Message 11 months ago

    They aren’t electing these guys based on any policy at all. You could put up a guy who proposes a ‘first born child sacrifice tax’, and they’d still vote for him. It’s about, ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ and they will take any damage they need to to ensure they feel like they won.
    This is why they scream about Clinton being a predator (with no actual evidence at all) and hence should be torn apart in the street by rabid dogs, but their guys who admit to it live on tape ‘need to be forgiven’.. or worse ‘are just being manly men!.. it’s harmless!’
    It’s also why they foam at the mouth about the lives of unborn children when they are basically a blob of undifferentiated cells, but actively block legislation to stop actual kids form being gunned down at their school desks.
    There is no logic to it. They are just very willing to cut off their own noses to spite their faces.

  • Dohers 11 months ago

    …and then Trump tweets about Franken. He is his own press secretary’s nightmare

  • Jill Springer Forrest 11 months ago

    You are going to lose massive deductions the middle-class needs to stay afloat. This plan is just awful for the rest of us.

  • madebyboys 11 months ago

    “This is not my insight”!!! I damn nearly fell off my chair!!! From there to the end of the vid needs to be its own clip #ThisIsNotMyInsight

  • Cody Bishop 11 months ago

    The GOP love to spend money and time distracting everybody with their little side shows. They pretend that they are the moral conscience of America. Spend millions of taxpayer dollars on worthless pointless hearings to detract from them stealing your money through GOP tax breaks. Get ready to hear about Al Franken grabbing her air tits for the next 8 months.


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