Chris Hayes Explains the Trump Presidency’s Bizarre Silence Surrounding COVID-19

Published on January 21, 2021

Chris Hayes talks about his feelings toward Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump’s silence surrounding COVID-19 and the protests that ultimately led to Joe Biden’s victory.

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  • Ana Marrero 1 month ago

    We need to work even more, all of us.

  • SkyGemini 1 month ago

    When you allow “anyone” to become president, you invite the worst of the worst, like the orange creep.
    Same with appointing lifetime seats on the SCOTUS, requiring no further qualifications beyond knowing your own name, is a Terrible idea.
    Stop allowing lobbyists in the government and put a damn cap on campaign “donations”…because you allow your politicians to be bought.

  • An Rit 1 month ago

    Obama warned trump that the biggest threat to the USA was a pandemic, therefore trump immediately dismantled the pandemic response team threw out the pandemic action plan and did nothing because there was nothing he could do as he had hamstrung the nation and himself.

  • Ealider Berinsi 1 month ago

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  • Dr. M. Hfuhruhurr 1 month ago

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    Stay well

  • Scott Mallett 1 month ago

    Don’t forget that the 41-year-old incoming congressman died of Covid19 which he got from attending a party at the White House given by Donald Trump.

  • C Rutherford 1 month ago

    It always appeared to me that Trump did everything he could to make the Pandemic as bad and spread as far and wide as possible. One of his few goals he accomplished heyugely

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII 1 month ago

    *I was blasting FDT by YG in my house during Biden’s Inauguration ceremony. And what made it better is that one of my neighbors are MAGAs.*

  • Michael Scally 1 month ago

    It all comes down to Trump wanting to wipe Obama’s contributions to the country and his ego refusing to admit that a Black man had a point when it came to pandemics…

  • jug james 1 month ago

    It’s going to be a monumental task! Joe Biden has to unfuck the country after 4 years of a trump presidency. It’s going to be harder than what Barak Obama had to deal with after 4 years of a Bush presidency.

  • Moto Moto 1 month ago

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  • Ana Marrero 1 month ago

    Let’s start calling him “td”, no name …..

  • joe bush 1 month ago

    it’s over for these clowns. They don’t have Trump to slam any more.

  • Phyllis Lucero 1 month ago

    Its not over. Enjoy the reprieve and get back to saving ourselves from fascism and neoliberalism and corporate rule.

  • edsnotgod 1 month ago

    i still haven’t seen or hear of a single liberal handing out masks in Covid hotspot in progressive diverse LA County where the Hollywood elite live and work? Too busy making videos at home to care about innocent defenseless minority women and children?

  • csgodenver 1 month ago

    Hayes is a great guest keep bringing him in.

  • Felecia Goldson 1 month ago

    Fair, is an event that comes to your county, once a year. Donald Trump, is like the driver, who continuously drives drunk, killing multiple people. But, he always, comes through it without a scratch, or consequences. 🤜🧠🤛

  • Valerie Michel 1 month ago

    This is tone deaf. Missed car crash? 400,000 people are dead, families were separated, we have millions that are led by fake news propagated by foreign interference of our enemies. That car went off the ducking bridge

  • K Khalifah 1 month ago

    6 months ago I thought Trump was going to screw up so badly, a quarter million Americans would die of Covid19 by the time he leaves. Oh boy was I wrong….

  • m t 1 month ago

    Chris Hayes is a gem. We must protec.


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