Chris Hayes Defends His Coverage of the Mueller Report

Published on April 4, 2019

Chris Hayes talks about the shift in public opinion on climate change, reflects on his coverage of the Mueller report and discusses his past as a political canvasser.

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  • Illegal Priest 1 year ago


  • Dann Marceau 1 year ago

    I love hearing from kids(Chris Hayes), their aspect of life. What they will figure out as life comes, will be far from what they thought.

  • Mani M 1 year ago

    Hey Chris, his personal lawyer and campaign managers went to jail on charges that had nothing to do with Russia.

  • BANKO007 1 year ago

    He’s right about climate change but it is obvious that he doesn’t understand why and hasn’t really looked into the detail. He’s also missed the point about the Mueller investigation, perhaps deliberately, and has no curiosity about the reasons why it was started, in other words, he is totally partisan and biased.

  • m g 1 year ago

    hayes 2004 looks like Harry Potter

  • aileenpi73 1 year ago

    Again, it is not about covering the investigation, it’s how it was covered; all of the speculation and alarmist assumptions

  • Jorge Miranda 1 year ago

    Love Chris. Not gay. (What is the Bar?) I want to know (did i offend?)

  • the 48thRonin 1 year ago

    Please go away Mr. Hayes. You are a repeater, not a reporter.


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