Chris Hayes: Bernie Sanders Will Need Blowout Wins To Overtake Biden’s Delegate Lead

Published on March 5, 2020

The host of “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC talks to Stephen Colbert about the state of delegate math in the Democratic presidential primary following Joe Biden’s big win on Super Tuesday.

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  • CinnE 3 years ago

    Love ya Chris Hayes but c’mon Colbert: *Bring Kornacki to the show!!!* He’s the real super hero each election night. (I’m looking at you too SNL)

  • Secular Guy 3 years ago

    I’m sure a few billionaires slept a little easier last night, for sure. The tax rates which have steadily declined for them, over the last five decades, and which now has resulted in the wealthiest Americans paying the lowest effective tax rate, will probably continue to decline for them. While everybody else gets screwed with expensive, inefficient, health care… at least those who can afford it. The lobby interest groups that our politicians bend the knee to, instead of the voters, can sleep a little easier too. Is this really the best we can do? The saddest fact is, the establishment have the working class so brainwashed by the boogyman like “socialist!” and “handouts” than the poor don’t want it, while the greedy rich will take it and get richer.

  • toobasaurus23 3 years ago

    I don’t buy it. This is the Wall street funded DNC torpedoing Bernie yet again.
    Anything to maintain business as usual.

  • MattConTosh 3 years ago

    Biden is basically Hillary 2.0. 
    He has no army of grassroots volunteers that will bring people out to vote. 
    He won’t excite voters to turn out. 
    He won’t get young people out. 
    Bernie does better in polls against Trump.

    Democrats will be making the same mistake they made in 2016 if they nominate Biden.
    They will just give Trump another four years.

    People are fed up with the status-quo. 
    People are fed up with working 3 jobs just to break even.
    People are fed up with medical bills that drive them further into poverty.
    People are fed up with being trapped in student loans.
    People are fed up that centrists aren’t doing anything to ensure a habitable planet for future generations .

    The car is about to drive off the cliff. We only have a slither of time to turn it all around. We can transform this country to one that works for all of us, not just a few billionaires.

    #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Looks like we get to look forward to a whole bunch of high minded, morally motivated, progressive thinking Bernie supporters voting for Donnie because getting revenge on the Dems is more important to them than that whole ‘saving America from Trumpism’ thing.

  • Parslow Pongbert 3 years ago

    Tom Perez of the “republican” DNC intentionally fudged the announcements of Sanders’ wins to stall his momentum.

  • dickbaileyfitts 3 years ago

    First the one percent, then the DNC, now math…….gosh darn I wish the universe would give Our Boy a quick lil’ break soon…

  • carole james 3 years ago

    Biden is senile.

  • Matej Grginic 3 years ago


  • Li pov Yaj 3 years ago

    Here comes the Bernie Bros and their DNC “rigged” the election conspiracy theory BS. The irony is young people love Bernie Sanders but don’t vote. They rather care about how many likes they get on Instagram.

  • Patrick Braddock 3 years ago

    Im voting Bernie or Trump.

  • Ro G 3 years ago

    Why is it that young people who have to deal with the consequences of elections for decades longer are less interested in voting than the old people who won’t? 🤔

  • Matthew Streacker 3 years ago

    Lol Bernie isn’t far behind with delegates by any means. He’s within around 25 or 40 delegates tops. That’s literally one state. Bernie can make that back easily.

    South Carolina didn’t make the difference. Multiple centrists dropping out and then endorsed Biden, that’s what got him Super Tuesday.

    ALSO. Biden doesn’t own the black vote. Biden has all of the OLD black voters, and Bernie has all of the YOUNG black voters. MSNBC is pushing Biden as much as they can cuz it protects their precious coin purses.

  • Luminita Baboianu 3 years ago

    Bernie won Nevada, one state, and lead after 3 states by 30 delegates. Main-stream media: “it’s such a long shot!”. Biden took the lead, after 14 states, by 50 delegates. Still dozens of states to vote. Main-stream media: “It’s over, Joe will surely win!”….. Really?!! How screwed up their thinking is?!

  • toobasaurus23 3 years ago

    You know how we do voting in Australia?
    Its mandatory! You get a fine of $180 if you dont vote in a federal election.
    Problem solved.

  • Åsa S 3 years ago

    I’m not American, and just don´t get when you have someone like Bernie running why you would chose someone else. I think almost anywhere in the world Bernie would win with a landslide, against Biden or Trump. Is so obvious, he makes sense when he talks, he wants to make average Americans lives better, and he has been doing it for ages, and the other two are speaking dementia-gibberish and wasting money on wars, that is needed for healthcare, killing their own citizens both in the wars and lack of affordable healthcare.

    I feel like the Democratic party are repeating the same mistake as 2016. And now they don´t even have the voters who without thinking would vote for Hillary just because she is a woman.

    Fool you once, shame on the Democratic party, fool you twice…

  • Don M 3 years ago

    Biden is senile.

  • Jason Garcia 3 years ago

    As much hate as MSNBC and other mainstream media gets, I want to say Hayes is one of the good ones. Giving you the facts and telling it like it is.

  • SamWize Ganji 3 years ago

    The only thing they missed, was talking about how Bernie is attracting voters from different demographics than Biden. I’ve never voted democrat or republican. But I’m fully behind Bernie. I live in a district that is heavily democratic so my vote doesn’t help the national election, but I’m gonna vote for Biden if the DNC steals the election from Bernie. But I’m not going down quietly.

  • greg mcpherson 3 years ago

    you know what, if no Burnie, then it’s a little more Trump. The Dems don’t deserve it if they continue to steal Burnies nomination.


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