Chris Evans & Mark Kassen – Facts vs. Politics | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on August 26, 2020

Chris Evans and Mark Kassen talk about the merging of fact and opinion in politics and their new platform A Starting Point, which provides voters with non-biased facts from elected officials. #DailyShow #ChrisEvans #MarkKassen

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  • Edward Jones II 2 years ago

    It’s a funny day when you have Captain America (Evans), The Hulk (Ruffalo), and Jon’s protege (Noah) in the same show

  • Isobelle Austin 2 years ago

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Ana Luiza Lisboa 2 years ago

    So funny to see the man who stole my heart interview the man my heart was stolen from.

  • sk gaming 2 years ago

    Captain just said I’m democrat wow nobody suprise everybody knows that Hollywood is Democrat

  • Elzy Morrow 2 years ago

    God America needs Captain America. Jeez it’s crazy I’ve been raised off Cap . It’s great that just some how some way that’s still a big part in life. Not even just me. Thank you all for this… dear god the joy makes me cry. .. ummm thank you.. heh

  • EmulaPlayZ 2 years ago

    He really is Cap💯

  • Night Knight 2 years ago

    The “Mexico will pay” that hides from every bill
    The “loves USPS” that sabotages the post office
    The “witch hunt” that tries to hide his pointy hat
    The “germaphobe” that craves golden showers
    The “fair race” that needs voter suppression
    The “sues mail-in voting” that mails in his vote
    The “man of the people” that stiffs his contractors
    The “low energy” that is addicted to Adderall
    The “tough on Russia” that is Putin’s puppet
    The “loves kids” that puts them in cages
    The “tough guy” that hides in a bunker
    The “patriot” that dodged the draft 5x
    The “deal maker” that can’t make a deal
    The “art of the deal” that has 4 chapter 11’s
    The “businessman” that declared bankruptcy 6x
    The “billionaire” that hides his tax returns
    The “self made” that inherited Fred’s tax shelter
    The “student” that hides his academic record
    The “test taker” that didn’t take his own SAT exam
    The “Christian” that never read the bible
    The “genius” that writes at a grade school level
    The “philanthropist” that steals from charities
    The “innocent man” that won’t testify
    The “military expert” rebuked by our generals
    The “leader” that has zero accountability
    The “builder” that never worked a day in his life
    The “athlete” that can’t walk down a ramp
    The “strong arms” that needs 2 hands 2 drink
    The “alpha male” that wears makeup & hairspray
    The “playboy” that can’t get female consent
    The “grab them by the pu$$y” that has to pay 4 it
    The “moral man” that uses hush money payoffs
    The “least racist” that is in fact the most
    The “I’m not orange” that is impeached
    The “hire the best people” that are in prison
    The “demands loyalty” that gives it to nobody
    The “unfair to me” that is a troll & bully
    The “nobody knows” that means he didn’t know
    The “people are saying” that he’s fabricating this
    The “no quid pro quo” that he’s done over & over
    The “immigrant ban” who marries/cheats on them
    The “big brain” that is lacking knowledge
    The “media disgrace” that they fact checked him
    The “don’t hire illegals” unless they work for him
    The “buy USA made” that sells ties made in China
    The “King of debt” that drove us off a debt cliff
    The “have the best words” uses rudimentary ones
    The “white privilege” born w/ silver spoon enema
    The “populist” that only helps the richest 1%
    The “science wiz” thinks knowledge is inherited
    The “prepared” fired pandemic response team
    The “most transparent” that demands every NDA
    The “orangutan’s son” that sued Bill Maher & lost
    The “healthiest” that lies about his morbid obesity
    The “not tiny hands” that can’t fold an umbrella
    The “family man” that wishes to date his daughter
    The “cares about U” that is a malignant narcissist
    The “stable genius” that is certainly neither
    The “president” that is never presidential
    This is the Liar-In-Chief…Agolf Twittler 🤢🤮😵

  • Yejde Fernando 2 years ago

    yes 🙂

  • Night Knight 2 years ago

    Any minority speaker at the RNC : It’s like being the sole survivor of a plane crash, looking around at the wreckage & saying, “Wow I wish all of these other passengers could have persevered & overcome this plane crash like me, praise be to Boeing for avoiding quality control check steps & our drunken pilot for being such a great leader!”

  • Orsi Dirda 2 years ago

    Hungary needs something like this too :/

  • Throw money at me 2 years ago

    Get in my bed Mark!

  • howie bockslytner 2 years ago

    I think that the BBC is one of the more unbiased sources and PBS seems like it’s biased but I don’t really think that’s true… the facts just speak more favorably to the left

  • Joel White 2 years ago

    Was listening to the on the podcast and all I heard was Captain America 😌

  • Kimberly Monsini 2 years ago

    Fantastic concept! Engagement is key!

  • Evan Wang 2 years ago


  • P Muller 2 years ago

    Trump and William Barr conflate protesters with rioters, as they scapegoat BLM and the “radical left” for looting and violence… yet it’s funny how they neglect to mention the many recent reports of right wing agitators and white nationalists who’ve instigated riots, vandalism and violence. Here’s just a few of those reports that Trump and Barr will never mention:

    • July 27th report:
    “Police: Richmond riots instigated by right wing group under the guise of Black Lives Matter”

    • Intercept: “Leaked documents show law enforcement knew far-right extremists were the real threat at protests, not “antifa”

    • Members of extreme white supremacist group face terrorism conspiracy charges of plan to wreak havoc at protests in Las Vegas”
    Fox News: ‘Boogaloo’ suspects attempt to ‘incite violence’ at protest in Vegas, feds say

    • White nationalist group posing as antifa call for violence on twitter via @nbcnews

    • Lancaster officials say armed agitators, white nationalists inciting violence at George Floyd protests

    • MN Public Radio – Minneapolis Neighborhood Patrols Fear White Supremacists Are Infiltrating to Derail Protests

    • FBI ‘has no intelligence’ indicating antifa was linked to weekend violence in the George Floyd protests, despite Trump and Republicans’ claims
    The Nation: FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence

    • Business Insider: A white supremacist channel on Telegram encouraged followers to incite violence during police brutality protests by ‘shooting in a crowd,’ according to internal DHS memo

    • The “umbrella man”, who instigated riots at George Floyd protests is associated with the “Aryan Cowboys,” which the Anti-Defamation League lists as a white supremacist street gang.
    Minneapolis police identify ‘Umbrella Man’ who helped incite riots, warrant says

    • Violent counter-protesters attacked a small-town BLM protest in Ohio amid false rumors of antifa.
    Counter-protesters livestreamed false claims that antifa was involved, echoing similar misinformation when targeting other small-town BLM protests

    The fact is that Trump and Bill Barr have their politically driven narrative about “anarchists on the left”. Then there’s the reality that they conveniently ignore:
    “An increasing percentage of plans and attacks in the U.S. are linked to far-right activity…recent analysis suggests far-right groups now pose the most significant threat to public safety.
    NBC News

  • Nixon Phakati 2 years ago

    Although Captain America is dead, Chris Evens has managed to adopt Steve Rogers’ character trails in real life.

    Someone needs to give this man a medal 🎖

  • Alex DC 2 years ago

    great initiative

  • JRElevates 2 years ago

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this idea… forward thinking guys, nailed it!

  • Tyler Hackner 2 years ago

    He is the real life Captain America


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