Chris Cuomo gets coached on dodging brother’s scandal

Published on March 3, 2021

A coach gives CNN host Chris Cuomo tips on how to dodge his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent sexual harassment scandal. #TOTN #TooningOut

Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News premieres March 4th, only on Paramount+.

Clip air date 3/3/21

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  • THE TRUTH 3 years ago

    I am for you and believe you Cuomo!
    I SUPPORT YOU Cuomo!
    Wow he help NY from people not dieing during Covid and did a good job! and this is the fk thanks,. these ladies are Trump supporters and they are trying to down size from people trying to run as President.
    So what he compliment on some of these women’s so fk what! Hell Trump rap a 13 year old and nothing was done and much more!!!!!!!
    so F U all that hate Italian’s. Again some people can’t stand to see Italians in white house.

  • Rorshach 3 years ago

    What a load of bullcrap. You Coumo’s are done.

  • Energy Beacon 3 years ago

    I think they’ve missed the point here. The issue isn’t that Chris Cuomo isn’t covering his brother right now, the issue is that he gave his brother undeserved credit for several months beforehand. This is a bad take from you.

  • Lilly butterflylovah 3 years ago

    Haha allll of a sudden haha he can’t talk about his mafia wanna be bro?? Haha

  • Lilly butterflylovah 3 years ago

    Byeeeee cuomos

  • kadek 3 years ago

    Nepotism in any form is a BAD IDEA

  • Alamyst2011 3 years ago

    Dude is as high as a kite

  • andsowot 3 years ago

    Yeh for once have to disagree here. Its a rare situation and anyone with family (aka mankind) cam understand Cuomo staying well clear.

  • Annika M 3 years ago

    People commenting “this is hypocritical because he had interviews with Andrew before…”, like yes he did. But from what I heard years!!! after he first started at CNN. Their interviews took place during the first months of the pandemic when it seemed as though Andrew was handling the situation better than other governors. So it made sense for CNN to say “hey we have the unique situation that his brother is a news anchor for us, why not have the two do a few interviews” especially when Chris himself tested positive.
    It makes a 100 percent sense that he isn’t going to and *shouldn’t* cover the current issues with Andrew because there is no way he could remain unbiased. As he said that’s his brother! Other news anchors at CNN are covering it though and that is honestly the most logical way to handle the situation.
    Like, please tell me, what else do you expect Chris to do???

  • António Dias 3 years ago

    It’s his brother…what would you want him to do? Jeez…

  • Tom Crotty 3 years ago

    Good to see that most people, while getting the joke, also recognise that this is a totally fair thing to do. Journalists and reporters need to declare their conflicts of interest, especially when it comes to family.

  • Hector Ramirez 3 years ago


  • Andrews2490 3 years ago

    That’s fine.

  • Per Axelsson 3 years ago

    This is Umerica ! Once a super power , now after former president and stuff like this and the republican bunch , your downgraded to homeless people!

  • Crazy Wayne 3 years ago

    so exciting seeing a governmental nepotism tactics turned inside out.

  • ArsynZ 3 years ago

    Sorry LSSC, but you’re making jokes about the wrong Cuomo.

  • Kasshan85 3 years ago

    But I thought Colbert was Cuomosexual?

  • Stephanie W 3 years ago

    This is NOT CHRISs simply by association.


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