Chris Christie & David Cameron Have Problems

Published on September 23, 2015

James attempts to make sense of headlines about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie telling his National Guard leader to slim down and British Prime Minister David Cameron alleged Pig Gate scandal.

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  • TheWSGman 5 years ago

    Lol piggate is the funniest fucking thing. I would kill a man to be Corbyn
    right now.

  • JD21 5 years ago

    I mean, maybe that guy isn’t the right one to say it, but if your size is
    influencing your job, maybe you should start slimming

  • girlytalk64 5 years ago

    been reading the pig gate tweets at school all day!!!! funniest day I have
    ever had!!!

  • The Super Psycho Killer 5 years ago

    So Chris Christie is both the pot and kettle. James Corden is the fat pot
    calling the kettle Chris Christie fat and Chris Christie is the fat pot
    calling the kettle National Guard Leader fat.

  • Avarie Sheridan 5 years ago

    there was an article that called it “Bae of Pigs” and i think thats a
    better pun than “piggate”

  • Andrey Kitsen 5 years ago

    how am i the 2nd comment!!


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