Chris Bosh on Returning to the NBA After His Injury

Published on September 10, 2015

Chris Bosh explains how blood clots cut his NBA season short and how he’s ready to again take the court.

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  • yariel perez 4 years ago

    Under 301 club

  • Alexia Graham 4 years ago

    lol yay under 301 club second comment yasssddd

  • Andy Wotsits 4 years ago

    more than likely he has sickle cell anaemia which caused this

  • Tenzin Bapu 4 years ago

    103 club

  • Bjoern 4 years ago

    bosh is just one of the funniest nba player 🙂 i love that guy

  • Jack Rafols 4 years ago

    Bosh is just an amazing person and one of the best players of basketball

  • TheGroucho66 4 years ago

    What’s quite subtle but impressive here is the way in which James handled
    the slightly heavy conversation in relation to the severity of his injury.
    Normally on a light-hearted, frothy chat show, serious subjects are avoided
    at all costs because it creates a blackhole of awkwardness in the room.
    Unfortunately, usually the host attempting to quickly skip over the heavy
    topic ironically makes the situation more awkward because it brings
    attention to its seriousness. Here James didn’t skip over it but asked more
    about it and brought it down to a more casual/human level, making Bosh feel
    more comfortable and even encouraging the other guest Sudeikis to ask about
    it too. And, to top it off, James did a self-deprecating joke about it at
    the end. The whole handling of the situation was done so effortlessly and
    calmly that I doubt many people noticed that it was even a situation that
    even needed handling. Or perhaps I’m reading too much into it. Oh well.

  • Lonely Stoner 4 years ago

    Stay healthy Bosh! We got a nice squad this season with you leading the
    way! Go Heat!

  • HHS1500 4 years ago

    i loved him in Jurassic world

  • Stephen Carmickle 4 years ago



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